This is An Fan Made Auslly Story that i Made Up This Is Written By Auslly4ever&Always Enjoy :) <3


Austin and ally start dating and trish and dez think that Austin and ally should break up because they are mushy together.1 week earlier trish gets a job at the Chocolate castle and ally tell's trish she may be falling for austin. trish is shocked but is supportive 3 hours later Austin confesses his feelings for ally to dez.

The Whole ThingEdit


trish:Guess who got a job at the Chocolate Castle

ally:*sarcastic* Hmm.your wearing clothing of chocolate idk

trish:Very Funny Ally

Ally:*Playfully rolls her eyes* Uh...trish i got to tell you something


ally:you can't tell anyone

trish::Hey im good with sercrets

ally:*Glares at trish*

trish:ok im awlful with sercrets just tell me

ally:ok I...I......I.....I

trish:do you studder this much

ally:i.i.i think i L.L..L.ike Austin

trish:*shocked* Omg this is Huge i won't tell anyone

2 hours later

austin:*talking to dez* dude i have to tell you something

dez:what is it

austin:i think i may be falling for ally

dez:What Ally

austin:how many ally's do you know


austin:To answer you the ally i like is Ally Dawson

dez:*shocked* Woah when did you realize this

austin:well when we met when we tocuhed hands at the piano when we touched hands i felt this kinda feeling and idk i just started liking her

dez:Ok i think you should tell she could feel the same way

austin:maybe your right but if i say something and she doesn't feel the same way it would be awkward for us

dez:ik but i think you two are made for eachother

austin:ok i'll tell her

1 Week Later

Austin:ally i got to tell you something

ally:me too

austin:you first

ally:ok austin i..i Like you

austin:*smiles* i feel the same way



ally:*hugs austin* i love you

austin:i Love you too wanna go on a date with me

ally:i'd love too wanna go get Lunch



austin:*walks with ally*

-at Mini's with trish and dez-

trish:So wait austin told you that he likes ally


trish:funny you say that ally told me she likes him

Dez:thats so funny


-With ally and Austin At champy's-

ally:this is awesome*smiles at austin*

austin:not as awesome as you*leans in*

ally:*Leans In*

austin:*kisses ally*

ally:*kisses austin*

-Dez and trish go to champy's and see austin and ally kissing-

dez: :O

trish: *jaw drops* :O Does this mean their dating

dez:i think

-the End-

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