Austin, Ally, & The Saddle Club
Also known as Le Musique de Grand Galop (in France)
Genre Children's television series
Format Musical comedy
Created by
Developed by
Written by
Directed by
Creative director(s)
Starring Ross Lynch
Laura Marano
Raini Rodruigez
Calum Worthy
Noah Centineo
Aubrey Peeples
Theme music composer Belle Perez
Opening theme Hello World by Laura Marano, Raini Rodruigez, & Aubrey Peeples
Ending theme Various songs
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 25 (List of episodes)
Story editor(s)
Location(s) Daylesford, Victoria, Australia
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 23 mins
It's A Laugh Productions
Kevin & Heath Productions
Disney Channel Original Productions
Crawford Productions
Protocol Entertainment
Connecticut Public Television
American Public Television
Original channel Disney Channel (US & Australia)

Nine Network (Australia)

First shown in January 26, 2013 (Pilot)
Original airing January 31, 2013 - December 5 2013
Followed by Austin & Ally, The Saddle Club
Austin, Ally, & The Saddle Club is a spin-off series of Austin & Ally fanon. The last 6 episodes premiered only in Australia instead of the US and Canada


Set in Australia, The gang discover their adventures in Pine Hollow Stables. Then Austin is asked to join The Saddle Club but he rejects the club to join Veronica & Kristi after Veronica dumped Desi so The Saddle Club plot revenge on him. Then Ally says that nobody always have to join everything and then after that Austin decides to join The Saddle Club when he figured out that they where nice people. 


  • Ross Lynch as Austin Moon
  • Laura Marano as Ally Dawson
  • Raini Rodruigez as Trish de la Rosa
  • Calum Worthy as Dez
  • Noah Centineo as Dallas Timmons
  • Aubrey Peeples as Cassidy Lake (Stevie's sister)
  • Lauren Dixon as Stevie Lake
  • Ariel Kaplan as Lisa Atwood
  • Victoria Campbell as Carole Hanson
  • Marny Kennedy as Veronica diAngelo

Recurring/Minor CastEdit

  • Andy Milder as Lester Dawson
  • Julia Campbell as Penny Dawson
  • Cole Sand as Nelson
  • Jake Short as Fimble 
  • Kiersey Clemons as Kira
  • Sophie Bennett as Meygan
  • Aisha Dee as Desi Biggins
  • Ella-Rose Shenman as Kristi Canavaugh
  • Allie DeBerry as Andrea Barry
  • Cosmo Feltham as Phil Marsten
  • Luke Benward as Murray Richards
  • Connor Jessup as Scooter Muachy
  • Matylda Buzscko as Dorothee Doutey 
  • Sierra McCormick as Melanie
  • Claire Engler as Jess Cooper
  • Kaiya Jones as Ashley
  • Jason Dolley as Nick
  • Troy Lovett as Simon
  • Kia Luby as Deborah Hale Regnery
  • Richard Davies as Max Regnery
  • Partick Levis as Jack
  • Briony Behets as Elizabeth "Mrs. Reg" Regnery
  • Denyse Tontz as Nikki Ortiz (newest rider)


Season 1:  February-May 2013Edit

  1. Riding to Austrailia
  2. Our First Day
  3. Bad Valentines
  4. Why?
  5. Showtime aka Music Role (AU)
  6. Showtime, Part II aka Music Role: The Sequel (AU) 
  7. Luck of the Irish
  8. A Bitter Friend (1 hour event)
  9. Crushes
  10. The Trouble with Nikki
  11. The Fight (1 hour event)
  12. Austin Moves (season 1 finale)

Season 2: Summer 2013Edit

  1. Good Girl
  2. So Brad
  3. Call Mr. Maybe
  4. Breakups & Baked Cakes
  5. Surf's Up!
  6. Austin, Rocky, & The Saddle Club: All-Star Summer

Season 3: Fall 2013-Early 2014Edit

  1. Two Broke Girls
  2. A Pony is a Girl's Worst Friend
  3. Scary Mary - (12 October 2013 in Australia)
  4. WhoDUNit? - (18 October 2013 in Australia)
  5. Freaking Lazy Girl - (5 November 2013 in Australia)
  6. Singing with the Enemy - (16 November 2013 in Australia)
  7. Senior Year - (27 November 2013 in Australia)
  8. Senior Year: Graduation (series finale) - (9 December 2013 in Australia)

Do You KnowEdit

  • That the show had a pilot crossover special and aired as a series only three days later?
  • That Lauren and Laura have released a new Hello World single?
  • That Aisha Dee, Ella-Rose Shenman, & Cosmo Feltham will be main characters in Season 2?
  • Differences are made? Instead of being a tomboy, Stevie is a girly-girl. Veronica is Australian and Italian descent. Desiree is from Africa but is not Australian and is instead Canadian. In Dog With A Blog, Nikki said she lived there but she somewhat appears on this show as a recurring character. It is unknown if Nikki moved for any reason. Kristi, Deborah, and Ashley appears in this show although on The Saddle Club they do not appear after the 2nd season. Stevie, Lisa, and Carole's parents will appear in the season 2 finale and will become recurring characters.
  • That Stevie's name originally was her real name, Stephanie?
  • That the will have a 90-minute crossover episode in Season 2?
  • That Season 2 will premiere for the whole summer?
  • Kira returns in So Brad and will get along with Ally, Stevie, & Cassidy more than she used to?

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