Austin & Jessie & Rocky & CeCe
Season 3 Tv Movie 
Three Part Special

Austin & Jessie & Rocky & CeCe is a 90 minute special crossover event. In the episode, 3 special crossovers are included and an Austin & Ally episode, a Jessie episode and a Shake It Up episode.This is A Special In The Third Season And The Fanfic Filming Will Start Nov.2,2012 to Dec.14,2012 And Will Premiere In Early 2013 

Part One- Austin & AllyEdit

Reunions & Nanny's is the first part of the 90 minute crossover event. It is only counted as an Austin & Ally episode. In the episode, Austin books a gig in Madison Square Garden and at the concert her once gain runs into Jessie. In the episode, Austin Moon tells Jessie that he loves her and the two become a couple. Soon Ally becomes jealous. Meanwhile, Luke and Dez have a special bond and they hang at the apartment and Dez tries to adopt a but then

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