“Best Friends & Big Fans”
Season 1, Episode 4
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Memorable Quote: Austin to the gang "I asked her out and she said yes"

Best Friends & Big Fans is fourth episode of season 1 of Austin & Ally. It aired on January 1st.


Girl named Lilly comes to Sonic Boom and acts like Austin is her boyfriend, so Ally tells Austin that Lilly is just big fan of him, and that he could go out with her to make her wishes come true. 


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Austin and ally forever123

Trivia: This is first episode to air in 2014.

The Story:

( The gang chillin at Sonic Boom)

Lilly: ( Lilly walks in and goes up to Austin) Babe you were late for our date yesterday, oh well will just have another one

Dez: Austin, you never told me you had a girlfriend, you're supposed to tell me everything, we're supposed to be BFF's, B stands for best F stands for fondue and the other F stands for friends

Austin: Look buddy I would of tell you but I have no idea who this girl is

Lilly: Oh Austin, don't hide our love, we should embrace our love ( Lilly walks away happily)

Ally: Thanks for shopping at Sonic Boom

Trish: Well at least she's gone

Dez: yep! And now we just need to get rid of you

( Trish stomps her foot madly)

( Dez runs away scared)

Trish: and that's how you get rid of Dez

( intro)

Ally: ( Ally orders something from Minys and sits Down near a person with their face coverd by a newspaper) Um... Excuse me, may I sit here next to you

Lilly: ( puts down the newspaper and reveals her face) yes you may

Ally: actually I'm not really hungry good seeing you again ( about to get up)

Lilly: (stops Ally from getting up) look I wanted to talk to you about Austin

Ally: oh uh... Sure cause even if I try to leave you will probably just push me back Down

Lilly: ya! So look I'm not really a crazy weirdo I'm just huge fan if Austin's who has CANCER and it would be a dream come true if I won a date with Austin Moon

Ally: OH MY GOSH I had no idea, Look I'm so sorry you will get that date Austin Moon I'll make it happen

Lilly: how?

Ally: we're very close

Lilly: Thx Ally you're the best ( gives Ally a hug)

Ally: ( hugs back) (the hug ends and Ally gets up and throws her food away now I better go tell austin ( walks away)

( Ally walks into Sonic Boom)

Trish: There you are I had to deal with these two for the past 15 min.

Ally: I had to deal with these two for 7 hours...

Trish: So anyway what took you so long?

Ally: Well, I was at Mini's and... ( Ally keeps talking but Trish can't hear her because Dez is playing drums)


Ally: What?

Dez: (Stops playing drums) Did you said something to me?

Trish: Wow, I actually can't hear myself talking...

Ally: What?

Dez: She said that SHE CANT HEAR HERSELF!

Ally: Hey! I can hear again! Thanks Dez!

Dez: (smiles)

Trish: So Ally what did you want to tell me?

Ally: Yeah, remember that girl that acted like Austin is her boyfriend?

Trish: Oh, that weirdoo...

Ally: Well, it turned out that she is actually just a big fan of Austin who has cancer and her dream is to go out with Austin. So, I thought, maybe Austin could make her dream come true and go out with her like how he made my dream come true when singing my song cause i have a sta- (stops) Strong wish that someone sing my song! (acts weird) 

Trish: Anyywaaay... Let's ask Austin first... Hey, where's Austin?

Dez: Oh, he's under piano.

Ally: Why would he be under piano?

Dez: Well, you know Austin, he is sooo weird...

Ally: You made him that right?

Dez: Yup!

Trish: [in a manly voice] Austin get out of their right now

Austin: [scared and panicing stands up fast] uh... ya

Ally: Look Austin you know that girl that was pretending to be your girlfriend

Austin: Ya the wierdo I know her

Ally: Well it turns out it was just a huge fan who has cancer and it woud be a dream come ture if you went out with her

Austin: Of course ill go out with her I mean especially since the girl has cancer... wait just one date right

Ally: Uh.. ya I guess sooo

Austin: alright, cool

Ally: cool...

Dez: Guys its not cool its 100 degrees out you guys are craaaaazy if you think its cool

[Ally, Austin, and Trish looks at Dez in a wierd way]

[next day]

[Austin waits by the food court and see's Lilly walking to a seat] [Austin runs to Lilly]

Austin: Hey girl, that I met the other day, do you,want to go out, sometime

[Lilly's jaw drops and drops her food and is frozen] [Austin waves his hand in front of Lilly]

Lilly: [gets back to reality] YES!!!!!! [jumps into Austin's arm] [Austin catches her] [Austin puts her back down]

Austin: so ill see you here at 8:00 we could have some dinner cool? [Lilly nodds her head really fast]

Austin: great ill see you then [ walks away]

[Lilly falls]

Austin: I did it guys I asked her on a date and she said yes

Ally: Now this girl has cancer we have to make this the best date she has ever had

Austin: your right so I plan to also sing a song thats just for her

Ally: Thats a great idea lets go work on the song

Austin: Ya I told her ill meet her at 8:00 for dinner at the food court so lets start working on the song [ Austin and Ally both walk upstairs]

Trish: [see's Dez playing his DS] That game is so easy even a baby can win that game

Dez: Uh.. baby's cant even click the button's hard enough

Trish: So you think the games hard and I think its easy well lets make a bet if I win I get 20 bucks and if you win you get nothing

Dez: alright fine [grabs out another DS]

Trish: Why do you have another DS?

Dez: In case if I loose this one

Trish: [ puts her hand out] deal?

Dez: deal! [shakes Trish hand]

Dez: [starts thinking about the deal] wait wat thats not fair that I dont get anything

Trish: You shook on it

[Dez has a sad face] [Trish sits down next to Dez and starts playing]

[in the practice room]

Austin: why dont we put something about cancer in there you know cause she has cancer

Ally: No, thats just going to make her sad how about we put something about her getting a date with you I'm sure that will make her happy

Austin: Ya I want this song to make her happy [looks at his watch] oh I have to go now 

Ally: y?

Austin: cause im going to get a gift for her

Ally: aww thats so sweet [smiling]

Austin: [smiling] I know

Ally: So ill finish the song and I'll bring it to you at your date 

Austin: great [smiles]

[Ally smiles back]

[Austin leaves the practice Room]

[It's 8:00]

Austin: [dressed in a nice suite and goes up to Lilly] [ sarts checking Lilly out] whoah! hey you look pretty ready for our date

Lilly: [ nodds her head really fast] uh hu

[Austin grabs Lillys hand]

Lilly: Yeeeep!!!!

[looks at her wierdly]

Lilly: sorry

[Austin continues to walk while holding Lilly's hand] [Lilly smiling really big] [Austin lets go of Lillys hand and pulls a chair out] [Lilly sits down] [Austin sits in his seat] [Lilly smells her hand that Austin was holding]

Austin: Is everything ok?

Lilly: Oh ya totally fine [ put her hand away]

Austin: are you hungry?

Lilly: Um.. no, wait yes, uh.. i dont know what am i supposed to say

Austin: Look even though I'm Austin Moon I'm still just a regular guy 

Lilly: I love your voice

Austin: [smiles] thx so where- [sees Ally] you know what ill be right back [walks over to Ally]

Ally: heres the song

Austin: great! thx Ally so much [ hugs Ally] and I got you something too

Ally: you did? aww [ smiles]

Austin: yep! [ pulls something out of his pocket] here I think Lilly is wondering where I am [Austin hand the gift over to Ally then walks over to Lilly]

[Ally opens it up and is super happy]

Austin: hey sorry I left but-[ pulls another gift out of his pocket] here this is for you

Lilly; OMG!!!!! Austin Moon gave me a gift!!!!

Austin: open it 

Lilly: [Lilly opens it] I love it as almost as much as I love you [grabs Austins hands]

Austin: [pulls hand away] Uh... I have to go perform now

Lilly: Oh ok

Austin: hey everybody, this is a new song written by my partner Ally Dawson for that girl right over [points to Lilly]

[Lilly shocked]

[crowd claps]

[Austin smiles then performs]

[Austin finishes performances]

[crowd claps]

[Austin smiles then runs off stage]

[Ally hugs Austin]

Austin: Um.. I just came off stage

Ally: not cause of that cause of this neclece you got me with my name on it

Austin: well your welcome now I better go check on Lilly

[Lilly is crying]

Austin: why you crying?

Lilly: These are tears of joy Austin for writing that best song ever I love you Austin [hugs Austin] [Austin smiles and hugs back]

Austin: Your a cool girl I had a lot of fun tonight with

[Lilly hugs Austin again even tighter this time] [ Austin is acting like he can't breathe] [Lilly lets go and walks over to Ally]

Lilly: Thx so much for getting Austin to do this for me this had been the best night ever and its all because of you [ hugs Ally tightly] [Ally is acting like she can't breathe]

Ally: [ walks nto Sonic Boom] and they are asleep [Ally pushes the bench that Dez and Trish are sleeping on outside]

(The End)

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