auslly get back together here's the continuation of Secrets&Lies


Ally:*runs to austin* what was that about

Austin:the truth is i still have feelings for you

Ally:i feel the same way

Austin:so couple?

Ally:Yes*Pulls him close and kisses him*

Austin:*Kisses back*


Trish:Dez uhh you made it a bit awkward

Dez: AWESOME wait what does that mean?

Trish:*Rolls her eyes*

Auslly:*Walk over to trez*

Ally:Hey guys


Ally:Me and austin got back together

Trez:*`high five eachother*


Austin:Ally what shall we all do celebrating me and ally getting back together

Ally:ummmmm well we can all go get lunch at Mini's

Trish:Yeah!lets go

(they go to mini's)

Ally:This pizza is so small oh thats why they call this place mini's

Austin:Hhahahaha im glad we're a couple again

Ally:*Smiles* Me too

Trish:*Notices dez is so cute*

Ally:Trish are you okay

Trish:yeah im fine

Dez:Well what did the ocean say to the boat


Dez:Nothing it just waved


Ally:That was actually a good joke dez

Dez:Thank you ally trish can i tell you a sercret

trish:Yeah what is it

Dez:i think i like ally

Trish:*Hurt* Ohhh ummmm she's dating austin she told me she thinks of you as a brother


ally:What are you guys talking about?

Trish:(talks as the same time as dez) his pet gini pig

Dez:(Talks as the same time as trish) my pet hamster

trez:*Look at eachother*

Trish:*Smiles nervously at auslly*

Austin:Okaaay whats going on

Trez:Nothing(they say it at the same time)


the end


Laura marano As ally dawson(allison)

Calum worthy as Dezmond perrado (dez)

Raini Rodriguez as Trish de la rosa(trish rosa)

Ross lynch as Austin monica moon(austin moon)

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