Caitlyn Rivera
Caitlyn Rivera
Gender Female
Age 16
Professional Information
  Caitlyn signature
Friends and Family
Love interests
Austin Moon(former boyfriend)
Other Information
First Appearance
  Contests & Dates
Portrayed by
Kelli Berglund
Her application picture
Caitlyn is Ally's rival and Austin's former girlfriend. She can sing and play instruments very well.


Caitlyn is a sweet,smart,nice,and pretty girl. She rivals Ally because Ally always won the "Student of the Month" award and Caitlyn always went in second place. Caitlyn can act,sing,dance,and play instruments.


Character HistoryEdit

In Contests & Dates, it was revealed that she is Ally's rival. At the end of the episode,she broke up with Austin because she doesn't want to date the friend of her enemy.


  • She has dated Austin Moon.
  • She rivals Ally.
  • She can sing,dance,act,and play instruments.
  • She returns in Returns & Revenges.


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