“Cases & Codes”
Season 1, Episode 3
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March 12, 2013

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Firestone Piper

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“Pigs & Betrayal”

Episode Guide: MagicalEdit

1x01: Necklaces & Suprises

1x02: Notes & Discoveries

1x03:  Cases & Codes

1x04:  Pigs & Betrayal

1x05:  Phone Calls & Escapes

1x06:  Rose & Google

1x07: TBA

1x08:  TBA

1x09:  TBA

1x10: TBA

Summary: Episode 3: "Cases & Codes"Edit

Ally and Trish are now on the case, hoping to solve the mystery of Austin's disapearance.

And who exatcly is Austin's kidnapper? Find out in the third enstallment of "Magical"







C & CEdit

"And in other news, pop sensation Austin Moon has disappeared. His songwriter, Ally Dawson, was not available for comment this morning."

I watch the perky blonde reporter with a phony smile on the TV, uninterested. I know that I have the biggest lead, but I'm not going to tell anyone about it.

I have to make sure that Trish and I are the only ones looking for Austin.

Well, besides Trish. We decided that we were going to do what ever it takes to get Austin and Dez back.

I walk slowly up the stairs of Sonic Boom to the Piano room where Austin and I (Well, mostly me, but he helped) wrote our songs.

The room brings back so many good memories, and I have to smile.

I was so sick of all of it. Austin being gone, the paparazzi nearly banging down Sonic Boom's door to interview me.

I grabbed my book and opened it, planning to write my frustration down, when I saw one word.


Hunh. Then everything is obvious. Austin was kidnapped, but by who. I close the book and look around the room looking for more clues.

And then I realize something else. Austin wrote in my book. I stand there, dumbfounded.

I almost laugh. If Austin was here, I would have gotten annoyed and said Don't touch my book.

I brush the hair out of my face and think about this for a little bit until I hear the door open downstairs.

"Guess who got a job as a detective." Trish says in that singsong voice she uses for these occasions.

"No way.' I say, smiling, believing her but at the same time thinking. Who would let Trish be a detective?

She reaches under the pink jacket she's wearing and brings out a book.

I look closer and discover that the petite brown book with red binding is actually a book primed to record clues and other evidence.

I smile and look at Trish's expectant expression.

"I think that's it's awesome! Any leads?" I ask.

"Well, not for now, but I'm sure well find some soon," she says, looking at my face going from a smile to a frown.

My spirits fall and I have to compose myself before I continue.

"I found a lead." I say, my smile melancholy.

Trish perks right up. "Like what?" she asks, waiting for good news.

"Well, I kinda found out that they were kidnapped." I say quickly.

"What?" Trish's eyes widen in shock,"what do you mean kidnapped?"

"Austin wrote in my book-" I begin, but Trish cuts me off.

"Austin wrote in your book." She says, laughing.

I have to crack a smile. "Yeah. pretty weird hunh?" My thoughts stray to when Austin read my book and thought I had a crush on him.

But that makes me think of Dallas and my short lived daydream is over.

"Hello? earth to Ally!"says Trish, shaking me.

"Ohh..right, sorry Trish. Let's look at the facts again, alright."

"Okay. So number 1: They were kidnapped, and we have basically no other leads Ally, this is pointless." Trish says, sighing.

I give her an evil eye and continue.

"Well, the kidnapper was either Dallas,Trent,H8ter Girl,or another obsessed fan we don't know."

I send yet two more texts to Austin, trying to figure it all out.

Austin POV:

The first thought that registers is pain.

I open my eyes and find myself in the trunk of a smelly car.

I wrinkle my nose as the smell of rotten eggs invading my nose.

My eyes search the car, looking for light. I feel around fopr my phone, find it and grab it

I unlock the screen and look at my inbox. wow... Ally-Gator Austin? Where are you! Txt me back!

I'm about to reply when I get the next message Ally-Gator Txt me back! I've been looking all morning!

Crap. I'm about to reply when we hit a bump. I hit my head open the roof and I pass out.

I'm in a dark forest, walking around, searching for the girl I love most.

I keep hearing her cry out. "AUSTIN!" But I can't find her; let alone respond.

I'm in a panic when the ground opens up and swallows me.

The next time I wake up, we are in a cabin.

Again, I look around, trying to find any clues as to where I am, when I see a dark, shadowy figure appear.

I have to squint to see who it is, but I have no doubt when I see him.

I want to kick something when I see Dallas, Ally's Ex-Crush, com,e into the light, smiling.

"Missing your Ally-Gator?" he asks, holding my phone and crushing it undefoot.







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