Rockoffs & Posers

When Anthony Miller's tour bus breaks down.Ally insist he stays at sonic boom until his tour bus gets fixed.Secretly he's not worrying about fixing his bus but he wants to ruin Austin's singing career.He acts like a nice and sweet guy but really he's a jerk and only care's about himself.He wants to prove it in a rockoff with Austin.He also acts like he likes Ally but really he's just trying to steal her away from Austin.At first Austin think's he's a good guy but when Ally leave's he's a totally jerk and tells Austin that he's gonna ruin his singing career.When Austin tries to tell Ally that he's not who she says he is she doesnt believe him and goes to Anthony.Ally is furious with Austin and decides to be Anthony's songwriter.But when Ally's about to give him her song.She overhears him talking on the phone saying he's gonna ruin Austin's career and sing Ally's song and then be done with her.When she hears that she decides to embarrass him in front of everyone by writing him a bad song.He's so preoccupied with winning that he doesnt even notice its not a good song.Anthony loses the rockoff and is humiliated and his singing career is offically over.Ally goes to Austin and tells him she should have listened to him and was sorry that she didnt believe him when he tried to tell her Anthony was a jerk.


  • Anthony Miller is played by Riker Lynch
  • I couldnt really think of anything to do with trish and dez

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