I am CeCe "Unsurprisable" Jones!
CeCe in Surprise It Up
Cecelia "CeCe" Taylor Jones
Gender Female
Age 13 (Season 1)

14-15 (Season 2)
15 (Season 3)

Height 5'5" 165 cm (Bella Thorne's actual height)
Nationality American
Hometown Chicago,Illinois
Born 11 March 1997
Professional Information
  Student, Dancer
  Shake It Up, Chicago!
Bob's Kabobs (formerly)
Friends and Family
J.J. Jones (father)

Georgia Hunter (mother)

Flynn Jones (brother)
Rocky Blue (best friend)
Ty Blue
Dina Garcia
Deuce Martinez
Tinka Hessenheffer
Jeremy Hunter
Love interests
Gunther Hessenheffer (four episodes; ex-boyfriend; possible crush)
Julio (one episode)
Louis (one episode)
James (boyfriend)
Gunther Hessenheffer
Logan Hunter
James (formerly)
8th Grade(Season 1)

9th Grade(Season 2 )
10th Grade(Season 3)

Theodore Van Glorius
Other Information
First Appearance
  Start It Up
Portrayed by
Bella Thorne

Skylar Keesee (Younger Cece)

Cecelia "CeCe" Taylor Jones[1] is one of the main characters on Shake It Up. She dances on the local teen dance show, Shake It Up, Chicago!. She is the daughter of Georgia Jones and J.J. Jones and the older sister of Flynn Jones. She is best friends with Rocky Blue. She lives in an apartment with her mother and Flynn in the suite below Rocky and her family. Her parents are divorced and her father lives in Florida. She attends John Hughes High School in Chicago, Illinois. She wants to become famous and also wants Rocky to be famous with her.

CeCe is portrayed by Bella Thorne and by Skylar Keesee as Little CeCe (Shrink It Up and Judge It Up).


CeCe is a fashionable, unique, friendly, adventurous, upbeat, brutally honest, bright, yet somewhat ditzy and totally naive girl. She is described as a daring wild child who is uncontrollable, funky, and fun on her school's blog ("Wild It Up"). She's street-smart rather than book-smart, unlike her best friend, Rocky. Initially, she performs poorly in school because of dyslexia, but also because of her behavior as a trouble-maker. However, she gradually improves academically as the series progresses. CeCe is fearless and outgoing and is constantly getting into trouble. Despite her initially failing her audition due to stage fright, she eventually earned a spot as a background dancer on Shake It Up, Chicago!
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Change Of Personality Over TimeEdit

Season 1Edit

CeCe was a silly, upbeat, adventurous, and aspiring young girl.

Season 2Edit

CeCe was a little more mature and hard-working. She was also more ditzy and gullible.

Season 3Edit

CeCe is more supportive. She also seems to pay attention more and is more intelligent.

Shake It Up, Chicago!Edit

CeCe was excited for the opportunity to audition for Shake It Up, Chicago!, but she had to convince her less confident friend, Rocky, to audition with her. Rocky had an easy time at the audition and was one of the teen dancers chosen to be on the show. However, CeCe was overcome by her stage fright and ran away before completing her audition. CeCe was devastated by what had happened and Rocky tried to talk her into trying again, but CeCe just couldn't. Rocky didn't want to be on the show without CeCe, so she handcuffed CeCe to her wrist and forced her to dance with her. Although the stunt got them in trouble, CeCe was hired and they both became dancers on the show. (Start it Up) Since then, CeCe has been wanting the spotlight dance. (Give it Up) She and Rocky were given the spotlight dance, but Tinka sabotaged them and took the spotlight dance instead.  In the second season, CeCe and Gunther were given a spotlight dance as well as a spot on Good Morning, Chicago. However, Gunther and Tinka ended up locking CeCe and Rocky in CeCe's dressing room and CeCe was unable to participate in the Good Morning, Chicago routine. It is unknown whether she and Gunther actually were featured in the spotlight dance, as it was not shown. (Throw It Up)

During the season two finale, Rocky and CeCe are part of the winning Shake It Up, Chicago! dance team that will be featured in the new Japanese dance video game, Shake It Up. While they are in Japan, Rocky speaks out against Mr. Watsonabi and gets both CeCe and herself kicked off the Shake It Up project and Shake It Up, Chicago!. Rocky and CeCe dance their way back onto the dance video game and Shake It Up, Chicago! when they perform for Mr. Watsonabi's mother. (Shake It Up, Made It Japan)

During season three, CeCe must find other options than Shake It Up, Chicago! to dance as the Shake It Up, Chicago! studio has burned down. (Burn It Up) Although CeCe keeps herself busy by dancing at parties and with the spirit squad, she does miss dancing on Shake It Up, Chicago!.(Spirit It Up) CeCe even takes a job at the mall as a dancing zit. (Quit It Up) When the Shake It Up, Chicago! studio is rebuilt, it is under new management and all the dancers must be rehired. CeCe is extremely nervous about her audition due to what happened the first time she auditioned, but she is one of the first dancers hired. (Ty It Up) Although Rocky tries to pretend that she isn't bothered by this, CeCe sees through her act and continues to help her earn her spot back.  Rocky eventually gets back on the show and she and CeCe are able to continue dancing together on Shake It Up, Chicago! (Forward & Back It Up)

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

Rocky Blue (Best Friend)Edit

Rocky is CeCe's best friend and dance partner on Shake It Up, Chicago. While they both harbor a love of dancing, they have opposite personalities: Rocky is a good student with a perfect attendance record who likes to stay away from trouble, while CeCe is wild and usually has Rocky do her homework. It was revealed in "Shrink It Up" that they met in dance class when they were in first grade, where CeCe was close to quitting until Rocky convinced her to stay and they've been best friends ever since. CeCe always tells Rocky everything that is going on with her life. Rocky is usually seen entering the Jones' apartment by climbing through the window via the fire escape (along with greeting her with "Hey, hey, hey!"). CeCe is usually the one who gets Rocky into interesting adventures and situations. They also take each other's side no matter what. (See: ReCe)

Flynn Jones (Little Brother)Edit

Flynn is CeCe's brother. She often babysits him while their mother is at work. She sometimes cooks for him, puts him to bed, and tries to keep him out of trouble. Although their relationship is usually shown to be made up of bickering and typical sibling rivalry, CeCe was the first to comfort him about their failed roadtrip in "Heat It Up". The two of them understand their parents' divorce situation and together even had to explain it to Rocky in "Parent Trap It Up". At times Flynn feels ignored by Cece, but they worked it out in "Weird It Up". Also, Flynn has admitted that he loves CeCe in "Funk It Up" to make her feel better. (See: FlyCe)Template:ClearAll

Deuce Martinez (Close Friend)Edit

Deuce is one of CeCe and Rocky's close friends. They both attend JHHS, where he was the first person to give CeCe and Rocky the flyer containing information on auditions for the dance show, Shake It Up, Chicago. CeCe is constantly making fun of Deuce. In "Match It Up", Deuce thinks CeCe wants to be more than friends with him and after being "rejected" by Deuce, CeCe wonders what he doesn't like about her. She used her match-making skills to set him up with his current girlfriend, Dina. Deuce and CeCe didn't hang out much in Season 2, but it seems like Deuce still hangs out with CeCe and Rocky and is still very close to them. Deuce was one of the people who helped CeCe get out of her funk in "Funk It Up". (See: DeCe)Template:ClearAll

Ty Blue (Close Friend/Practically Brother/Possible crush)Edit

Ty is a close friend of CeCe's, since Ty is her best friend's brother. They both attend JHHS and have several things in common such as a love for dancing. She often involves him in her plans, such as making it seem like they didn't care if Rocky left to model in New York in "Model It Up", where they also hugged (with Deuce and Flynn) when they thought Rocky was actually leaving. In "Show It Up", CeCe grabs Ty's leg when she's begging for him to help her and Rocky in the talent show against Candy Cho and the Bulldogs cheerleading squad. CeCe, along with Rocky, takes Ty and Deuce to the Olive Pit in "Meatball It Up". Although Ty doesn't pay much attention to CeCe (or Rocky) when they need his help, he's still there for them when they need it (as seen in "Match It Up", "Show It Up", and "Vatalihootsit It Up"). (See: Cy)Template:ClearAll

Gunther Hessenheffer (Frenemy; Ex-Boyfriend; Main Love Interest; Possible Crush)Edit

Gunther is a "frenemy" of CeCe's, fellow dancer on Shake It Up! Chicago, and schoolmate at JHHS. The two don't often get along and like to throw insults at each other, but when alone they seem at ease. Rocky told CeCe to ask him to the school dance in "Hot Mess It Up" when they thought that he was about to move back to the "old country" because of her. At the end of the dance, she decided she couldn't go out with him anymore and didn't care if he moved back to the "old country", saying, "I'll buy his plane ticket MYSELF." But she never got a chance to break up with him, because he overheard her. Though he acted very sweet to her throughout their relationship, in the end, when they broke up. They can be friends at times, as seen in "Model It Up" when CeCe had been working with Gunther (off-screen) as her modelling coach. In "Split It Up", they are selected by Gary Wilde to be guest dancers on Good Morning, Chicago and get the spotlight dance. In Reality Check It Up, True Teen Life announces that CeCe is in love with Gunther, causing CeCe to act disgusted and claim that she wasn't in love with him, but Gunther didn't believe her and flirted with her, showing that he has some interest in her. In "Surprise It Up", they go to a funeral of Gunther's mailman together, and later on in the episode, he shows up at CeCe's birthday party. They also have the most episodes revolved around their pairing. (See: GeCe)Template:ClearAll

Tinka Hessenheffer (Former Frenemy; Good Friend)Edit

Tinka is a former frenemy of CeCe's, fellow dancer on Shake It Up! Chicago, and schoolmate at JHHS. Tinka, along with Gunther, often argue with CeCe and Rocky backstage on Shake It Up, Chicago. Tinka takes every opportunity to make fun of or insult CeCe, such as mocking CeCe about her freezing on the Shake It Up, Chicago stage in "Start It Up". They can be civil and friendly towards each other, as seen in "Kick It Up", where CeCe invites Tinka to the movies. In "Break It Up", the two were seen sitting together and Tinka asked CeCe not to leave her alone with Deuce. They shared other friendly moments in "Auction It Up" and "Judge It Up" when Tinka gave money to CeCe and Rocky after the twins realized they were in the wrong. In "Fire It Up", the first episode in season 3, Tinka and CeCe become friends. They are spending more time together, such as when Tinka helped CeCe with her plans to get Rocky back on Shake It Up, Chicago!. (See: Cinka)
  • CeCe has dyslexia. Bella Thorne, who plays CeCe, has dyslexia in real-life. ("Add It Up")
  • Her parents are divorced. ("Heat It Up")
  • She struggles in school and is not very studious.
  • She isn't very tall, and there is a running gag about her height.
  • She hates small spaces (claustrophobia). ("Party It Up")
  • She's a fan of Katy Perry and Beyonce. ("Vatalihootsit It Up", "Auction It Up")
  • She thinks she should have won the Little Miss Cutie Queen beauty pageant of 2005. ("Glitz It Up")
  • She once impersonated a lawyer and a witness at the same time. ("Wild It Up")
  • She has a jacket with "CeCe" written on it. ("Hook It Up")
  • She mentioned that she's not allowed to date ("Three's A Crowd It Up"), but in Hot Mess It Up she went out with Gunther and in ("Lock It Up") she went out with Louis and possibly James in ("Opposites Attract It Up").
  • She doesn't follow the rules from time to time.
  • She is afraid of the dark. ("Auction It Up")
  • CeCe is shown to be smart sometimes. For instance, in the episode Copy Kat It Up, she sends a fake email to Kat offering a position on Shake It Up, New York as a way to get her off Shake It Up, Chicago
  • It is shown that CeCe is obsessed with court television shows, as she says so herself. She is seen impersonating a lawyer/witness in the episode "Wild It Up", and knows every word of the legal disclaimer from Teen Court in "Judge It Up".
  • She likes labradoodles. ("Three's A Crowd It Up")
  • She has modeling experience, as revealed in "Model It Up", where she was "the 'fruit of the week' for Willy and Bubba's Produce Mart" as a strawberry.
  • She doesn't have many friends as she called her grandmother to hang out with her. ("Kick It Up")
  • CeCe was the only one who got "A+" on the egg drop project for school. ("Egg It Up ")
  • In one episode, CeCe goes out with Gunther to a school dance after Rocky forces her to. ("Hot Mess It Up")
  • She always pushes Rocky around and tells her what to do. ("Shrink It Up")
  • She snores loudly in her sleep, and all of her friends and classmates are aware of it. ("Protest It Up")
  • CeCe has bangs through out seasons one and two, but she does not have them in for about half of season three. ("Fire It Up")
  • She can sing. ("Made In Japan")
  • She is good at getting people to do what she wants.
  • She was the last hired on Shake It Up! Chicago. ("Start It Up", "Hook It Up")
  • She had a matchmaking service called "CeCe's Single No More". ("Match It Up")
  • She still plays with dolls. ("Embarrass It Up")
  • She accidently lets out gas after eating vegetables sometimes. ("Embarrass It Up")
  • Her zodiac sign is Pisces, making her birthday somewhere between February 19th and March 20th. ("Made in Japan") ("Apply It Up ")
  • She got an "A" on a research project. ("Double Pegasus It Up")
  • CeCe may or may not have feelings for Gunther.
  • She has a spiritual side. ("Funk It Up ")
  • She is similiar to Edie Wilde. ("Rock and Roll It Up")
  • She is considered a jinx. ("Tunnel It Up", "Made in Japan")
  • Her style changed as she matured from flashy rocker to edgy.
  • She is in Honors History classes.

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