Austin's performance

Chapstick & Crazy Charges is a fantasy episode. It's about Austin getting charged with singing publicly in his swimsuit, which is oddly illegal in the state of Florida.


Austin Moon

Ally Dawson

Trish de la Rosa

Dez Fisher


Minor CastEdit

Mike and Mimi Moon


Judge Tamara

Defense Attorney (Curt Richman)

Prosecuting Attorney

Plot Edit

Trish books Austin a gig at the beach. For a beach-like theme, Austin performs in his swimshirt and swimsuit. The following evening, a policeman shows up at Austin's front door. He reveals that in Florida it is illegal to perform in public wearing a bathing suit. Austin and his parents think this is crazy, and his dad demands a quick trial and a good attorney. They are given those, but Austin is worried he will lose the case.


Dez buys a popular chapstick out of curiousity. He puts it on his lips, and loves the flavor. He discovers that he is severly allergic and his lips break out in hives that are so big, he is not able to talk.


To view Chapstick & Crazy Charges transcript, click here.

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