Scene 1Edit

Sonic Boom

Austin:(playing the snare drum loudly, annoying Ally, who is trying to write in her book.)

Ally:(finally had enough) STOP IT!

Austin:(immediately after Ally's abrupt remark, he drops his drumsticks and does one of his high-pitched screams)

Dez:(walks in) Hey Austin! Look what I got!

Austin:(gets off beach, stunned) No way!

Dez:Way. I got the tomato flavored chapstick. ("whatups" with Austin)

Ally:(confused) Y'sure it was worth it?

Dez:Well yehuh! This stuff is awesome! No matter what happens, I will never regret buying this!

Ally:(walks over to Dez and Austin) Let me see that. (takes chapstick, starts reading label) Warning:Any direct contact with chapstick may cause acne, breathing troubles, appendicitis, mouth cancer, gum disease, heart disease, heart attack or death. (looks at Dez) Are you sure you wont regret it? (gives back to Dez)

Dez:(despite the possibilities he coats his lips with the chapstick)

Trish:(walks in) Guess who booked Austin a gig at the beach!

Dez:(walks over to Trish) Let's see uh.... was it my grandma?

Trish:(glares at Dez) That red hair of yours will be yours no more the next time you start with me.(walks toward the middle of the store)

Dez:(is slightly frightened and backs away from Trish)

Austin:Thanks for the gig, Trish. I feel like I haven't performed in forever. It's like I haven't touched an instrument in years.

Ally:(gives him a "Seriously?!?" look) You've gotta be kidding me. You were KILLING me with a snare drum less than a minute ago.

Austin:Pttth! No I wasn't!

Ally:Austin, you don't have to feel guilty. You're my best friend. It was an honest mistake, and I forgive you for trying to deafen me. (walks near the entrance)

Trish:As your manager, I think there should be a little something added into your "Heard It On The Radio" performance.

Austin:I'll perform in my swim outfit! That'll give it a beach-like theme!

Trish:I love it!

Megan:Hey guys!

(everyone lets out a slight groan, except Ally who says "Hey, Megan!")

Megan:I heard Austin was performing at the beach! This'll be the best thing EHH-VA!

Trish:Yeah..... (walks away from Megan and takes Ally with her)


Dez:I... should probably...... groom...... my dragon... (walks over to his chapstick)

Megan:So, anything special about it?

Austin:Well, I'm performing in my swim outfit, for a beachy theme.

Megan:Cool! (short gasp) I should do an interview! (snaps a sudden picture, hurting Austin's eyes)

Austin:Ouch! Megan!





Megan:YAY!!!! (hugs Austin)

(screen switches to Trish and Ally)

Trish:Did you hear about that new tomato-flavored chapstick?

Ally:Yeah, Dez has it. (points to Dez, who is repeatedly licking the chapstick, Trish and Ally are staring at him, disgusted)

Theme SongEdit

More to come!


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