When Austin gets a girlfriend, Leilani, he really likes, he starts to hang out with her more than his own friends and the rest of the gang is actually okay with that since Ally and Trish are going to the best Zalien movie ever.  But when Leilani dropped their date to a salad place, Austin decides to go to the best bowling alley to get over the dropped date.  But at the movie, the gang sees Leilani outside the theater kissing another guy. They tell Austin the bad news and he gets devastated and vows not to date another girl ever again which upsets Ally.  She tells her mom over the internet and her mom said that that's just a way of saying he is super sad.  Meanwhile, Dez tries to make a new drink for his Science Experiment.


-Bridgit Mendler guest starrs as Leilani

-It is unknown if Ally likes the movie Zaliens

-Dez actually acts "smart"

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