Chew Toy






Austin, Trish, Ally


Licking people, jumping on people

Chew Toy is Austin Moon's dog. Chew Toy appeared in Accidents & Festivals. Chew Toy was adopted obviously between the episodes Pillows & Love and Accidents & Festivals. Ally Dawson and Trish like Austin's dog. Chew Toy was adopted at the Humane Society of Florida.


Chew Toy is a playful puppy. He loves to jump on people. He licks a person's face when someone holds him. He also licks the nearer person's face when the person holding Chew Toy is near another person. He is considered to be cute, loving, adorable, small, and furry.


Austin - Austin adopted Chew Toy. Austin seems to love Chew Toy because he always holds Chew Toy up to him so he can lick his face. (Ausew Toy)
Ally - Ally loves Chew Toy because he's small, adorable, cute, and jumpy. (Chally Toy)
Trish - Trish loves Chew Toy because she held him up to her face to lick her and Ally's face. When Trish went to the Humane Society to help Ally find a cute puppy named Penelope, she saw Chew Toy before he was adopted by Austin. (Trew Toy)

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