“Classes & Castles”
Season 1, Episode 106
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Classes & Castles is the sixth episode in season 1 of Austin & Ally.

Memorable Quote: Austin to Dez: Uh... Look maybe I have a little feelings for Ally but I don't want you to tell her got it?

Overview: Austin and Dez have a bad grade in math so they take some extra classes to get better in math. Ally and Trish find a castle and ask's if they can play around with them in the castle at 3:30 but that's the same time as Dez and Austin's extra classes


Austin and ally forever123

The Story:

(At the lockers at school) (Austin and Dez walk up to Ally and Trish sadly)

Ally: what's wrong with you guys?

Austin: we have to take some extra classes after school

Trish: Austin I'm sorry for you Dez I'm happy for you

Dez: Thx Trish wait hey (sad face)

(Intro) (at sonic boom)

Ally: hey you guys want to go somewhere

Austin: sure where?

Ally: I have no idea. My dad said he was going to take me somewhere that's a surprise so I was wondering if you guys wanted to come along oh look there's my dad now

Dad: hey honey you ready?

Ally: ya but can I my friends come along too?

Dad: did they got to the bathroom?

Ally: Dad why would you ask that question?

Dad: cause they might do something in the car if you know what I mean

Ally: Dad were all big kids


Dez: hey don't worry I'm more mature now

Dad: Why do you have a sipy cup with you?

Dez: um cause my chocolate milk is in there (The gang walks out with the dad)

(They get in the car)

(The dad drives)

(The car comes to a stop)

Dad: alright, get on out

(They all get out)

Austin,Ally,Dez,and Trish: whoah!

Dad: happy b-day

Ally: my birthday was 2 months ago

Dad: I know and I left bad that I didn't get you a gift so here's your gift

Ally: I can't believe I get my very own castle! Oh Austin Trish Dez can you come by the castle again at 3:30 tomorrow I want to play around with you guys in the castle

Trish: sure!

Dez: Oh sor-

Austin: ya

Ally: oh sor ya?

Austin: ya it's me and Dez secret language oh sor ya in our language means ya will totally be there

Ally: ok I guess I'll see you guys then (Ally and Trish walk away)

Dez: what are you doing we have extra classes at 3:30

Austin: I know but I don't want Ally to be disappointed

Dez: well now your disappointing the extra classes

Austin: look dude will do both I have no idea how but we will let's just have a good night sleep and ill figure it out in the morning

Dez: sure u will buddy sure u will (walks away) (Austin has a confused look on his face then walks away too)

Austin: hey Dez I figured out how to do both things at 3:30

Dez: really how?

Austin: just follow my lead (walks away) ( Dez follows) I mean when it's actually 3:30

Dez: oh


Dez: y r we at school

Austin: cause were going to do school first (walks into class)

(Dez runs over to the castle instead)

Ally: hey uh where's Austin

Dez: uh... who knows where that little rascal can be

Ally: I hope he makes it anyway Dez here's your costume

Dez: I get my own costume? Yes!

(Back at school)

Teacher: Kelsey

Kelsey: here

Teacher: Teddy

Teddy: here

Teacher: Austin

Austin: here

Teacher: Dez

Austin: here

Teacher: that was u Austin where's Dez?

Austin: he must of went to the bathroom may I go check

Teacher: I guess

(Austin runs over to his locker and grabs his phone to call Dez)

Dez: (answers) hello?

Austin: Dez where r u?

Dez: at the castle

Austin: I said we were doing school first

Dez: I know but I don't like school

Austin: alright just stay there tell Ally I'm on my way

Dez: you got it buddy

Austin: (hangs up the phone and walks into class) Mr.Lynch Dez was in the bathroom throwing up and so was I just now may me and Dez plz go home

Mr.Lynch: I guess

(Austin runs to the castle)

Mr.Lynch: that was odd the way he ran off like that Kelley go follow him

Kelley: on my honor sir [runs after Austin]

[at the castle] [Austin walks up to Ally]

Austin: hey Ally look Im sorry I was late its just that uh... there was traffic

Ally: Oh its fine Austin at least your here oh Austin put this on its you costume [ hands the costume]

Austin: cool

Kelley: hold up right there Mr.Moon

Austin: Kelley, what are you doing her?

Kelley: teacher told me to run after you beause of the way you ran off when you said you and Dez wanted to go home because you two were sick but it looks like your not it looks like your chilling with your girlfriend [Austin and Ally both smile when Kelley said "It looks like your chilling with your girlfriend]

Austin: first of all me and Ally are just friends and second of all please dont tell Mr.Lynch

Kelley: sorry Austin Im an honor student and honor students dont lie Im reporting you [marches away]

Ally: what was all that about?

Austin: ok look, me and Dez had extra classes at the same time you asked us to play around with you in the castle but I didnt want to disapoint you so I tried to do both at the same time

Ally: aww, you didnt want to disapoint me thats so sweet look Austin you could of just told me I could of make it another time you dont have to worry about disapointing me

Austin: Thx Ally [smiles and Ally smiles back]

Trish: um Ally may I talk to you for a minute in private

Ally: sure [Ally and Trish walk away from Austin and Dez]

Trish: y did u smile when Kelley said it looks like you chillin with your girlfriend

Ally: whaaaaat ok fine I like Austin but I dont want you saying it to him Im pretty sure he does not like me back

Trish: well you know Austin also smiled when she said it looks like your chilling with your girlfriend [Ally looks shocked]

Ally: he did?

Trish: yep

Dez: y did u smile when Kelley said it looks like your chillin with your girlfriend

Austin: uh... look maybe I have a little feelings for Ally but I don't want you to tell her got it?

Dez: got it buddy [smiles]

(The End) 

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