written by Auslly4Ever&Always

here's the continuation of love and kira.


ally meet this guy named Jake houston and she starts liking him 2 hours later jake asks ally out meanwhile Kira is cheating on austin so he breaks up with kira find out what happens in the script below

The scriptEdit

Ally:*Bumps into someone* im so*Looks up* very sorry

??:its okay im Jake houston

Ally:im Allison dawson but call me ally

Jake:Okay ally*Smirks*

Ally:your so nice

2 hours later jake asks ally out

Ally:Yes i'd love too*Smiles*

  • Meanwhile*

Austin:Kira im breaking up with you

Kira:Okay austin*Walks away*

Austin:*Thinks to himself:that was easier then i thought *

  • at Jally's date(jake and ally)*

Ally:This is delicous

Jake:i can say i agree with you


Jake:Whats so funny?

Ally:*Avoids the question and continues eating*

Jake:*Curious but gets over it*

  • 1 hour later ally is on the practice room with austin btw they are sitting in chairs not on the piano*

Ally:So you and kira broke up

Austin:Yeah she took it better then i thought she would so did you get a boyfriend and if you did whats his name?

Ally:i did get a boyfriend and his name is Jake houston

Austin:*A bit jealous* Ohhh im happy for you ally

Ally:Thanks*Smiles* *But frowns* Austin you seem upset are you okaY?

Austin:im fine

Ally:You sure?

Austin:Yes im sure

Ally:Okay*Gets her book and grabs a pencile*

Austin:What are you doing ally

Ally:Oh im writing lyrics for your new sng

Austin:Ohhhhh thanks but you can take a break i mean you don't have to do that

Ally:Yeah i do if you want your career

Austin:Your more important then my career

Ally:Awwww thanks austin

trish:*Walks in* Hey Austin and ally


Trish:*Gets a drink* so what'cha guys doing

Ally:Well im writing a song for austin and austin is just sitting down talking to me


  • Ally phone rings*

Ally:*Answers it * Hello

Jake:*Reply's*Hey ally its me jake i think want to break up

Ally:*Reply's back sad* Why?

Jake:Don't ask why*Hangs up*

Ally:*Hangs up**Austin could see hurt in ally's face*

Austin:Ally are you okay?

Ally:*Tear roll's off her cheek's* jake just broke up with me

Austin:Ally im sorry

Ally:its not your fault

trish:its okay ally relationships don't always work out


the end


Laura marano as Allison dawson(Ally)

Ross lynch As Austin moon

Raini Rodriguez as Trish De la rosa(Trish)

Calum worthyAs dez(don't know his last name

Guest stars

Luke beward as Jake Houston

Kiersy clemons as Kira starr

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