Austin and ally start dating meanwhile they perform a duet

scene1:Ally:Hey austin*gives him a flirty smile*

austin:Hey*gives ally a flirty smile* you look pretty

ally:*blushes* thanks austin

so after that the next day:

austin/ally:*working at the piano and hands touch*


austin:*leans in*

ally:*leans in*

austin:*kisses ally*

ally:*kisses austin*

scene 2:Trish:what happen between you and austin

ally:we kissed



Austin:*walks in sonic boom* hey babe

ally:Hey babe*kisses austin*

aussstin:*kisses back*

scene 3::

dez:*walks in and gives  trish a flity smile*


Scene 4:

trish:ally i got good news you and austin get to perform a duet

ally:really cool

Austin:yay i get  to perform with my girlfriend

ally:*smiles* Well Lets get there then

trish:well lets go


  • at the place austin and ally are on stage*

austin/ally:Hi guys

austin:well guess what this is my girlfriend ally d. she's gonna be performing with me


ally:well here it is

ally-Everytime i see you i Feel like i rule the world

austin-But when it so hard to find stuff or someone in this world

auslly-But when you just got to try


ally-This feels like magic

austin-this feels like the best day'

auslly-This day feel's like magic

ally-When you have problems i can help*looks at austin*

austin-and everytime i see you*looks at ally* i feel so creative

auslly-this day feels like magic

austin-this day feels so incredible

auslly-this day feels like magic

ally:ok that was our song called magic hope you guys like it

crowd:*cheers and Claps*

auslly:*runs off the stage*

ally:that was awesome i loved that performance

austin:i love you your more important to me than all of that

ally:*leans in*

austin:*leans in*

ally:*kisses austin*

austin:*kisses ally and deepnes the kiss*


trish:so is austin gonna take you somewhere for a date

ally:not sure i think im gonna ask him out after all we had our 2nd kiss backstage

trish:Eeep...totally ask him out

ally:ok here he is

austin:hey babe


auslly:Wanna go out with me this sunday!

Ally:wait you first

austin:do you wanna go out with me this sunday

ally:of course i was gonna ask you that

austin:of course you were



  • At the restarunt with auslly*

ally:this place has good food


ally:This desert is sweet as honey

austin:not as sweet as you

Ally:Awww*blushes* thanks austin

austin:*hands ally a Thing of flowers*

ally:*smiles big* their beautiful thanks austin *hug him* your awesome

austin:well duh im austin

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