“Dentists & Dreams”
Season 1, Episode 5
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Dentists & Dreams is fifth episode in season 1 of Austin & Ally.

Memorable Quote: Ally to Austin: "of course we are Austin and Ally we are like glue"

Overview: Austin must go to dentist but he is to scared and he doesn't want to go.



Austin and ally forever123

The Story:

Austin: (walks into Sonic Boom with Dez) Hey Ally I can't work with you today Ally

Ally: why?

Dez: (uses a microphone in Sonic Boom) Because Austin Moon has to go to the because he has cavitys ( puts the microphone down)

Austin: Dez! I didn't want anyone to know I have cavitys

Dez: Oh well I just did sorry about that bud

Trish: You know since Dez just announced that people are going to try to put you down

Austin: ya that's why I'm going to the dentist right now (Austin walks out with Dez)

(At the dentist)

( Austin and Dez sit in the waiting room and there's a little boy next to them)

Jake: Hey are you Austin Moon?

Dez: do I look like Austin Moon? Uh.. No wait unless I really am Austin Moon

Austin: Um.. I think he was talking to me

Jake: Y r u here?

Austin: uh.. Cause my friend here Dez has cavitys

Dez: don't you mean u?

Austin: Dez!

Dez: war it's he truth

Jake: well I'm going to tell you a story so sit back and relax when the dentist calls you he will act nice and then when he gets you in his room he locks the door and breaks all your teeth out for his sons and daughters and he gives you old people tooth and he collects old people tooth from the side walk

(Both Dez and Austin scream like little girls and run out of the waiting room and Jake chuckles)

(Austin and Dez are at sonic Boom)

Austin: I do not want old people teeth!

Ally: what do you mean

Dez: The boy!

Trish: Dez be quiet

Austin: look the boy in the waiting room says when the dentist gets you in his office he breaks ally your teeth and replace them with old people teeth that he collects from the side walk!

Trish: ( gets an idea in her head) Dez let's go to the dentist

Dez: are you kidding me I will never

Trish: I mean for me lets go ( but really not) (Trish and Dez both walk out)

Ally: and Austin I think Jake was just trying to trick you

Austin: No he was really sweet he wouldn't try to trick me

Ally: Well then people are going to try to bring you down plz Austin ill be right there with u

Austin: through everything?

Ally: of course were austin and ally were like glue

Austin: (smiles) ok ( Austin and Ally walk out)

(The gang is in the waiting room at the dentist)

Assistant: Austin Moon to the dentist I repeat Austin Moon to the dentist

Trish: Your going to do great

Austin: Thx come on Ally ( Austin and Ally walk into the dentist office)

Dentist: hey Austin and Ally so I have this machine-

Austin: (looks at Ally) machine? ( Ally has a worried look on her face

Dentist: ya a machine to take your cavitys away

Austin: oh (whispers to Ally) he could be lying (Ally shrugs her shoulder)

Dentist: now you see these old people teeth-

Austin: old people teeth ( Austin and Ally both yell and try to run out but the dentist stop them

Dentist: where do you think u 2 r going?

Austin: stranger danger!

Dentist: look Austin u have nothing to be worried

Austin: your going to replace my teeth with old people teeth

Dentist: I was just showing that if you keep eating junk food you will get cavitys and end up with old people teeth

Austin and Ally: Ohhhh

Dentist: now Austin just sit down and relax and I will get your cavitys out in no time

Austin: yes, sir ( Austin sits down and let's the dentist do his work on him and Ally waits for Austin in the waiting room)

Austin: (Austin walks out of the room) I did it!

Trish: See I told you were going to do great!

Dez: I'm pretty sure there's old teeth underneath these other teeth which I'm pretty sure I fake here ill pull it and it will come

Austin: stay away from my teeth!

Dez: fine ( Jake walks in the room)

Trish: hey your the kid that said Austin would get old people teeth

Jake: hey I didn't know it was a dream you can't trust a kid gosh! ( walks away)

( they all shrug their shoulders and walk out)

(The End)

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