Directors & Disasters is the ninth episode in season 1 of Austin & Ally Fanon. Memorable quote: TBA Overview: Dez has to quit Team Austin to direct a movie. Reference: Austin and ally forever123 AusllyFlyna183

The story: ( Ally reading a newspaper) Austin: O Ally y do u read when you could.... Chill or not read (smiles)

Ally: I ya well guess wat I just found out from reading mr chill not read guy

Austin: (laughs) so watcha find out

Ally: That Spike Stevens want someone to direct his next video

Dez: No way! But it's too bad it doesn't say Dez

Ally: it says someone

Dez: ya someone doesnt mean Dez

Austin: hey ally hand me over the newspaper and a pen plzz

(Ally gives the stuff to Austin)

(Austin crosses out someone and puts Dez instead and hands it over to Dez)


(Theme song)

Austin: so you going to try out?

Dez: duh! It say my name on it

Trish: ( walk into Sonic Boom) hey guys wat going on?

Ally: reading

Austin: chilling

Dez: directing for Spikes Stevens

Trish: surprisingly only Dez got my attention

Dez: Spike Stevens wants me to direct his next video

Trish: wow this is amazing

Ally: wow you never been supportive of Dez

Trish: oh I'm not I'm just happy because Spike will probably give Dez money and I want money (smiles) so when's the audition?

Austin: (looks at newspaper ) it says 5:00 pm May 16th

Trish: today's May 16th

Ally: and it's 5:00 pm

Dez: wait so that means ahhhhhhh!

(The gang runs out of the store)

(Waits in line)

Ally: Oh look your next!

Austin: ok buddy you got this

Dez: thx but that doesn't help (walks over to Spike and takes a seat)

Spike: hello and who are you?

Dez: Dez McLain but you can call me Dez just Dez ( winks )

Spike: (weird face) alrighty then so tell me Dez why should I pick you

Dez: ( hands him over his video camera)

Spike: uhh... Why you handing me this?

Dez: because that's the answer

Spike: umm thx for the camera I'll keep it now goodbye

( more will be written soon)

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