Drain-Disasters and Kung-Fu Masters is the thirteenth episode of Season 3.
“Drain-Disasters and Kung-Fu Masters”
Season 3, Episode 5
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Austin and Dez sign up for Kung-Fu lessons at school but have to survive a strict sensei. Meanwhile, Ally, Trish and Yvonne have lunch at the pizza parlour when a toxic smell comes from a drain. They run to tell Lester when two men dressed in gas suits escort them to the car park.

They say that the Mall has had a Drain Disaster due to blocked sewage and that they can't go back in. they go back to Trish's House where Dina De La Rosa (Trish's mother) welcomes everyone. Austin and Dez show them what they learned in Kung-Fu.


  • Calum Worthy as Dez


  • This is the first time Trish's house is seen.
  • This is Dina's first appearance.

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