Drama and Desisions is the second episode of season 3 Austin and Ally
“Drama and Desisions”
Season 3, Episode 2
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Miss Burnett, the drama teacher writes a romance play called "The Heaven's Key", and wants her class to be in it, Ally plays Rosie, the main character and Trish plays shop customer 1.Dez spills lemonade on Ally's script so she visits Miss Burnett's house to get another copy. Ally then asks Austin to watch it, He agrees when Yvonne, Austin's ex crush walks in and asks him to take her to a new movie. He walks out, forgetting about the play.

Ally becomes upset, but confides in Trish who urges her to perform. Watched by Dez, Ally performs. Meanwhile, Austin asks Yvonne out, she says yes, but then he remembers the play. He rushes there at once and apoligises to Ally. He breaks up with Yvonne but hopes they can remain friends. Ally, Trish and Yvonne become best friends.


Ross Lynch as Austin Moon

Laura Marano as Ally Dawson

Raini Rodiriguez as Trish De la Rosa

Calum Worthy as Dez

Maggie Q as Miss Burnett

Meritt Patterson as Yvonne Battesby

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Miss Burnett holding auditions for the Heaven's Key.

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