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Song by Austin and ally forever123
Album: None
Released: 12/12/13
Created by: Austin and ally forver123
Episode: Performances and Prizes
Genre(s): pop
Previous: Double Take
Next: Girl

Famous is written and sung by Austin and ally forever123 this song premieres in Performances and Prizes


Ever since I was little

I wanted to be famous

Oh I wanted this so bad

So here I go on my way to stardom

I have to run away from paparazzi

But it's all worth it for meeting my awesome fans

And feeling so loved and going on world tours

And getting money just do something I love

You get to be famous like Austin Mahone tba

You get to go big like One Direction

You get to be famous like Big Time Rush

And Cody Simpson and R5 and rrrrrrr5!

Famous oh oh famous I-I-I love the fame

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