Alright so ally has a enemie named Lilly (lilly is potrayed by zendaya from shake it up) But when austin helps her ally starts liking austin


Ally has a enemie named lilly but when austin helps ally,ally starts having feelings for austin.then Austin starts liking ally but when ally finds out austin  likes her they start dating(they kiss before they start dating).

Scene 1Edit

Ally:*putting books in her locker*

Lilly:Hey geek i heard you are lame

ally:*about to cry*

austin:*walks over to them* hey leave her alone

lilly:wow your cute i bet you guys will have sex

Ally:*runs away*

lill:*smiles and walks away*

austin:*runs to ally* are you ok

ally: no but i aprreciate you sticking upp for me

austin:*smiles and looks into ally's eyes and leans in*

ally:*leans in*

trish:*runs over to them and interrupts them* HEY!!!!!!!


Scene 2____________________________________________________________

Austin:*runs to dez* dude i think i like ally

dez:no you are in love with her

austin:huh?*scratches his head* ok yes maybe i am she's awesome and pretty and kind and fun and cool and collected

dez:wow dude

Ally:*runs to trish* i think i like austin

trish:no your in love with him

ally:huh?ok yes but he's dating kira

trish:*smiles evily*

ally:uh-oh thats the trish smile what are we gonan do

trish:lets break them up


Lilly:you guys are Geek's Hahahah*laughs*

ally:*becomes confident* well calling me names aint gonna make you popular so shut up

Lilly:*roll's eyes and walks away*

Ally:*overhears austin and realizes austin likes her*

Austin:*dumps kira* ally will you go out with me


austin:cool see ya around

__Scene 3___________________________________________

Ally:*writing in her book*

the next day:

auslly:*at their date*

ally:this is wonderful

austin:yeah*leans in*

ally:*leans in*

austin:*kisses ally*

ally:*kisses austin*

to be continued....the continuation episode will be called Break up & Sadnees

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