Gender Male
Age 9
Height 5"8
Nationality Canadian
Hometown Miami, FL
Born Toronto, Canada
Friends and Family
Megan (cousin)
Love interests
Trish (in first appearance)
Pets Rocky the Snake
Dez (frenemies)

Trish (Heartbreaks & Hot Dogs -present)

Other Information
First Appearance
  Kisses & More Kisses
Portrayed by
Jake Short
Fimble is a new recurring character of Austin & Ally. Fimble is portrayed by Jake Short.


Fimble is a very mean and vicious Canadian 9-year-old who was adopted from a Canadian orphanage in Toronto, Canada (where he was also born). He is Trish and Dez's enemy. Well, Fimble used to have a crush on Trish until she hurted his feelings by saying "A date's..never gonna happen!". In Heartbreaks and Hot Dogs, it is mentioned that he has a cousin named Megan who's also Canadian. He always assumes that he's not a orphan, he's American.

Character's HistoryEdit

Kisses & More KissesEdit

This is Fimble's first appearance. He assumed that he's American,

not Canadian orphan although he is a Canadian orphan. Fimble told

Dez and Trish kiss eachother while he's taking the picture then make Trish date him, but

they refused. So in order to make them kiss and make Trish go out with him, He had plans A, B, and C

A. Tell them firmly. B. Flip them over and tell them firmly C. Tell them that the manager told them to do both of the things he said and plan C worked but when Trish found out it was a trick she told them "A date's..never gonna happen!" because she felt like she had a crush on Dez and plan C also ended up getting Trish and Dez fired and Fimble in trouble.

Heartbreaks & Hot DogsEdit

Fimble wanted all the hot dogs from the Hotty Dog Store so Trish and Dez challenged him to eat all 1,000,000 hot dogs without getting sick and Fimble mentioned that he had a cousin named Megan who can eat 1,000,000,000 hot dogs for 30 seconds straight. Dez started the time and Trish watched him. When it was night, Fimble ate all 1,000,000 hot dogs and got too sick and that also ended up getting Trish and Dez fired and also exiled for one whole year.

Closures & ClosingsEdit

Fimble tells the gang what the founder's going to do to Sonic Boom and helps.

Riding To AustraliaEdit

Fimble challenges Nelson to a cricket match and said that the game's over when the gang come back and Nelson wins against him.


  • Fimble can eat 1,000,000 hot dogs
  • He has a cousin named Megan
  • He is able to flip Dez and Trish over and get them fired from jobs
  • He is 9 years old
  • Fimble is the youngest of all of the Austin & Ally recurring characters
  • Fimble doesn't know Austin, Ally, & Dallas until Closures and Closing
  • Fimble never went to Sonic Boom before until Closures & Closing
  • Fimble is fearless and stronger than the any of the boys and girls
  • In Kisses and More Kisses, Fimble was mistaken by Dez and Trish to have red hair and is 7 years old, even though he has brown hair and is actually 9 years old.
  • Fimble took karate lessons before he met Dez and Trish
  • Fimble is Canadian but he doesn't know to speak French instead he learned how to speak Spanish.
  • Fimble is the only recurring character that is Canadian.



Fimble and Dez are BFATTs (Best Frenemies All The Time). He tried to pretend Dez and him were friends until Trish reminded Dez that they aren't friends at all but Dez assumed that he and Fimble are frenemies. After Dez assumed that, Fimble almost made Dez do the Hokey Pokey so that he can trip him.


Fimble and Trish used to have a frenemy relationship but now they are worst enemies. After Trish refused to date him, Fimble now tries to boss Trish around like a normal mean person. Fimble does alot of mean things to Trish including: Calling her names like Old Lady, Hurting her, teasing, and getting her fired from jobs. He even once flipped her over. After getting fired from being a model, Trish assumed that Fimble is "off the chain".


Kisses & More KissesEdit

Heartbreaks & Hot DogsEdit

Closures & ClosingEdit

Riding to AustraliaEdit