Fresh starts and friendships


Austin and ally forever123

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Getting to know each other and Garages

  Memorable Quote: Trish to Ally: "You will write he will rock!"

Fresh Start & Friendships is the first episode in season 1 of Austin & Ally. 


Ally helps Austin to his way to stardom and become friends.


Austin and ally forver123


My Teammates

Double Take


[ Ally helping a coustomer]

Dez: Hey why am I closing my eyes?

Austin: open

Dez: woah look at all the  coustomers

Austin: No, look at all the instruments.

[ Theme song plays which is called My Teammates]

Dez: Ya well too bad we dont have the money. [Tries to walk away but Austin stops him]

Austin:Look the reason we came here is because I thought maybe I can come up with a song by playing one of these cool instruments.

Dez: Fine if you insist [ Austin goes to an electric guitar plugs it into a amplifire and starts playing awesomley. Ally shows up and says you play good but you dont own it.]

Austin: Look I really need a hit song to put me at the top so i thought playing one of the instruments might make me come up with a song but its not working, if only there was a person with a song that can put me to the top.

Ally: Oh well too bad now will you please leave

Trish: Ally may I talk to you in private

Ally: sure

Trish: What are you doing Ally, you should give him your song and he might make it into a huge hit

Ally: You think [ Ally looks at Austin and Dez]

Trish: 100 percent  you will write he will rock!

Ally: Um.. alright fine [ Ally walks to Dez and Austin]

Ally: You guys can have my song but-

Austin: really, cool thx [ austin takes the book with the song in it, Dez aso walks out with Austin]

Ally: no wait its not done [ but Austin and Dez dont hear]

Trish: They will probably come back tomorrow.[Next day]

Dez: how dare you lie to us thats like a half finished song.

Austin: Ya and to think I thought you were nice.[Austin and Dez shun Ally]

Ally: Uh... can i have my book back now?

Austin: Oh ya sorry [ Austin hands the book to Ally then continues shunning]

Ally: Look I was trying to tell you the song was not done but you left so quickly.

Dez: well maybe you should talk faster [ Ally has a confused look on her face]

Austin: So what your saying is you will finish the song for me.

Ally: Ya how about we finish it together, like say around 2:30.

Austin: great thx so much, shake on it? [Ally and Austin both shake hands] [Its 2:30 and Austin and Ally are both in the practice room] Woah ncie room says Austin

Ally: Thx, so lets work on the song

Austin: Well how did you come up with this lyric " I want to know know know your name name name they want the girl girl girl with game game game"

Ally: Well I have inspiration, what inspires you Austin?

Austin: I dont know

Ally: Well what do you like to sing?

Austin: I dont know

Ally: Is there anything that you know?

Austin: I dont know

Ally: Ok how about you tell me what you think of when someone says double take?

Austin: Movies

Ally: Ok how about this line " You see me in movies and you ask me to do it a second time cause"

Austin: Perfect, hey Ally how about we be partners and friends?

Ally: Partners?

Austin: Ya cause you will write I will rock!

Ally: Ya i'd like that [ Austin and Ally hug]

[Next day]

Austin: hey Ally can i borrow one of the guitars from Sonic Boom

Ally: Sure just dont break it

Austin: got it oh and can I also borrow the amplifires to plug the guitar into

Ally: sure but what are you using this for

Austin: You will see, follow me

Ally: Um ok hold up [Austin goes up to the stage]

Austin: I would like to thank Ally the girl that works at Sonic Boom, she wrote the song im about to sing and let me borrow this rockin with an amplifire, this song is called Double Take

[Ally smiles and Austin smiles back, and then performs, the crowd cheers loudly after the performance] [ Austin gets off stage, and Trish Dez and Ally is there.]

Trish: You were amazing Austin

Austin: Well its all thx to my new partner Ally [Ally and Austin give each other a high five]

Trish: since Ally is your partner can I be your manager?

Dez: And can i be your video director?

Austin: Yes your my partner you can be my manager and you can be my video director, together will make an unstoppable team.

Dez: Thx buddy [ what up hand shake and girls do a bump with their butts).

(The End)

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