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 Memorble Quote: Austin to Ally: Look we can do anything we are Austin and Ally.

Getting To Know Eachother & Garages is second episode in season 1 of Austin & Ally. It aired on 21st December.


The gang tries to get to know each other a bit more but  Austin and Ally get trapped in the garage

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My Teammates


Austin and ally forever123


The Story:

(Team Austin is in Sonic Boom)

Trish: Soo, if that is all, I need to go to work. See you guys soon. 

Dez: Wait! Are you still coming to my house?

Trish: (sarcastily) Yes Dez... Of course...

Dez: Yes! I knew that you are coming! See Ally! Who's laughing now? HAHA! I'm laughing! Yes, me! Not you, but me.

Ally: Actually Dez..... Oh nothing... Yes, you were right...

Dez: Ha! I knew it!

Austin: Yeah, I can't wait 'till tonight. It is going to be awesome hanging at your place.

Ally: Yes, but remember, we are going to be ther just to get to know each other better ok?

Austin: Oooooooh... But we are still playing video games right?

Ally: (whispers) Noooooo...

Dez: (whispers) Yeeeeeeees...

Ally: No!

Dez: Yes!

Ally: Grrrhhh... Ok, we will play video games...

Austin & Dez: YEAH!


[ In Dez's basement]

Ally: so what i was thinking is that first me and Austin hangout with each other alone and Dez in the mean time can play videogames, and Trish why did you bring a pillow along with you?

Trish: Not cause i was going to sleep pshh ( sarcastically )

Dez: Ya you cant sleep on the couch

Trish: Why? [ angry face]

Dez: [Scared face] Uh.. never mind you can sleep on it 

Trish:  Uh hu [will add more info later]

Austin: Hey Ally let's go to Dez kitchen his dad and mom before they left baked us some Zalien cookies

Ally: Uh... Sure (discusted face)

Austin: awesome! ( runs upstairs )

Ally: (walks up the stairs ) This going to be a long night ( then continues walking up the stairs)

Austin: want some?

Ally: Uh... No but they do smell really good maybe I'll take just a little bite ( Ally takes a bite and looks shocked)

Austin: (smiling at Ally) so you like it?

Ally: Like it? I I LOVE it! I need more

Austin: (lookin happy give her a plate with a Zalien cookie on it) see you just got to trust the rocking Austin ( then pretends he's playing a guitar)

Ally: (smiling then looks at the Zalien cookie and digs in)

Austin: woo! Alright that's what I'm talking about ( austin digs in too)

( Dez is still playing video games and Trish is sleeping on the couch happily)

(After a little while)

Ally: so your dad said you would have one in a billion chances making it into the music biusness?

(Austin nodding)

Ally: no way that's what my dad said to me too

Austin: (smiling) well do you like to dance like this ( does cool moves)

Ally: well... What about this ( does wired, dorky moves)

Austin: ( laughs a little) well you can definitely make people laugh, hey you want to see something cool follow me (runs into the garage)

Ally: yeah uh.. just wait up ( runs after Austin) ( Ally trips over the door step and door closes)

Austin: No!

Ally: what?

Austin: we can't get back in unless we have a key and I don't have a key!

Ally and Austin: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Des: woah the tv can talk

Trish: Dez stop yelling

Dez: uh... It's the tv

Trish: stop being stupid

Dez: but it's not me

Trish: yeah yeah yeah (starts snoring)

(Dez has sad face then continues playing the video game)

Austin: ( Panic face and is pacing back and forth) Oh, no! I don't want to die this way were gonna starve then eat each other up alive.

Ally: ( biting her hair while pacing back and forth)

Austin: what are you doing?

Ally: oh this is what I do when I get nervous ( then continues biting her hair and pacing back and forth)

(Austin has a weird look on his face ) look there has to be a way we can get out

Ally: Oh do you have your phone

Austin: ummm... I left it inside

Ally: me too ( sad look on her face)

Austin: look we can do anything were Austin and Ally

Ally: thx Austin (happy look on her face and then goes hug Austin)

(Austin has happy look on his face while hugging Ally)

Dez: they have been hanging out with each other for a long time there probably hungry oh well ( continues playing video games)

(Trish still snoring like a pig)

Austin: oh let's call Dez he can probably hear us through these walls

Ally: oh ok ready?

Austin: ya

Austin and Ally: Dez were stuck in the garage and we need your help

Dez: Oh No the heroes from my video game are stuck in the garage i have to go save them ( runs to the garge)

Dez: Austin, where are the heroes?

Austin and Ally: no keep the door open keep it open

( door shuts)

Austin: aww man ( sad look on his face)

Dez: don't worry ( takes the spear key which was hanging on the garage door) we can just open the door with this spear key

Austin: we knew that

Ally: yaaa

(Austin and Ally both run out)

Dez: the world saved by Dez just Dez ( try's to fly into the kitchen but hits his head on the floor)

Austin: lets go help him

Ally: Ya

( Austin and Ally both help Dez up)

( Trish is sleep walking and then falls on Austin and Ally and Dez and then falls back to sleep)

Ally: now how are we supposed to get up?

Austin: well Trish is on top of us and Dez is on the bottom soooo... (Starts snoring)

Ally: Dez your still awake right?

Dez: (snoring)

Ally: well if you can't beat them join them ( starts snoring)

(The End) 

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