This is basically has kira starr ally dawson and austin moon and trish de la rosa and dez btw sorry if the story is short i don't have much ideas plus i am about to go to my cousin's house in a little bit 


austin has a new girlfriend and ally is jealous ally begins to like austin but austin doesn't know ally keeps seeing him and his new girlfriend kissing and enjoying eachother ally keeps being irritated seeing them together

Scene 1Edit

.Ally:hey austin i heard about your girlfriend named kira

austin:yeah she's awesome

ally:*sad* i bet she is *lies*

austin:are you okay you seem sadder then usual

ally:I.....uh...i just am mad that i Don't have a boyfriend

Austin:what about elliot

ally:he's just a friend


kira:*walks in* hey babe

Austin:hey Kira-boo

ally:*whispers to herself* i've had enough of this *goes to the practice room*

austin:Kira i really think your awesome

_Scene 2_____________________________________________

Ally:*writes a song sitting at the piano*

austin:*walks in* hey ally


austin:*sits down on the piano with ally*

ally:*hand touches austin's hand on accident*

Austin:*smiles and leans in*

ally:*lean in but stops*austin i can't kiss you your dating kira*pull's away and continue's playing piano*

austin:*pull's away and is sad*

Ally:well gtg


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