Jake Moon
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 5'11
Hometown Dallas, Texas
Born April 4, 1996
Professional Information
  Singer and Dancer
Friends and Family
Michele Moon
Austin Moon
Casey Dawson
Love interests
Casey Dawson(crush)
Austin Moon
Other Information
Portrayed by
Austin Mahone
Jake smiling at Casey.
This character is made by AustinAllyfan12 a.k.a. Marisa

Now that Casey is in Jake's life, ALOT of things changed, he has a crush on a girl his mom is trying to get him a girlfriend


Jake is a really fun, loving and caring guy. He always thinks that friends are the best things ever.


  • Austin Mahone plays as Jake Moon.
  • He is Austin's cousin.
  • He has a HUGE crush on Casey Dawson.
  • He is a good singer and dancer.
  • He is really smart and strong.
  • His mom is Michele Moon.


Austin MoonEdit

Austin and Jake are friends, even though they are cousins they have lots of funny moments togther.

Casey DawsonEdit

Casey and Jake are friends and maybe more, They both have feelings for each other. Right now no one knows that they like eachother.


Dez and Jake are just a really goofy pair of friends.

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