made by AusllyLover4ever&Always <3 :) i haven't been writing stories or auslly stories on here for like ever :D


Austin:*Walks in* Ally what are you doing

Ally:working but my shift ends in like 25 minutes maybe we can hang out

Austin:*Smiles* sure that sounds perfect


Trish:*Walks in* guess who got a job at the dog and cat store *does her pose and has an outfit that has dog paws and cat tales on it*

Ally:oh i love that store everyday when i was little i was five my dad would take me there all the time but time passed and he just stopped taking me

Austin:well im bored

Trish:try working ever second of the day every day you get used to it

Austin/Ally:*Gives her a weird look*

Trish:what?!?! its true

Ally:*Looks at austin* well i think i have about 10 minutes intil my shift is over so you won't be bored for long

Austin's pov

why am i feeling this weird feeling in my stomach right when ally looked at me i just it came to me i couldn't really falling for her could i?

Ally:um austin hello

Austin:*Snaps out of it*huh i was just thinking about you


Austin:i mean um think about you theirs this girl i like her name is you its not like i meant you as in ally dawson*Nervous* that would be crazy

Ally:*Frowns* Austin you like someone?

Austin:*Thinking about ally* oh trust me i do in fact *talking about ally but pretending not too* im in love with her and she's actually one my closest friends

Ally:you sound like you're talking about me *giggles*

Trish's Pov

seriously austin you so are in love with ally i mean AUSTIN YOUR SUCH A LIAR

Trish:*accidently thought out loud*

Ally/Austin:*looks at her like what the heck look*

Trish:and by i mean Austin your such a liar is because i can't believe he didn't tell us about this girl earlie *Laughs nervously*

Austin's pov

i have to find a pretty girl to play You but who would be dumb enough to do that for me

Austin:well i gotta go *runs out*

Ally:wait austin me and austin are supposed to be hanging out in like 5 minutes *sad*

Trish:maybe he wants to catch up with His other close lady you

Ally:i guess your right let him catch up with her

???:*Walking around*

Austin:*See's her* hi im austin

???:im kira

Austin:could you pretend to be a girl named you

Kira:uh i guess kind of a silly name for an imagnary girl

Austin:yeah tell me something idk but please

Kira:fine when shall we pretend *smiles*

Austin:*See's ally* you know now would be great *puts his arm around her*

Ally:*walks to them* hey guys you must be you austin has told me so much about you in the last 5 minutes

Kira:awwwww and um you must be.......alright whats your name


Ally's Pov

i can't believe austin hasn't told her about me he must love her more then he will ever love me wait am i falling for austin

Kira:well whats your name

Ally:im Ally dawson whats your last name?

Kira:uhhh You marie michell thats my name

Ally:pretty name

Austin:*Kisses her cheek*

Ally:*Sad & Jealous*

Austin:whats the matter

Ally:*Lies* nothings wrong well bye *runs away*

Austin:okaaaay thanks so much kira for doing that for me your a complete life saver *looks into her eyes and leans in*

Kira:*Leans in*

  • they kiss *

Authors note:sorry for making them kiss i just wanted drama

Kaustin:*Pulls away*

Kira:i can't pretend anymore i love you austin

Austin:i love you kira

Ally:*heard everything* wait why he call her kira i thought her name was you *thinks and shocked* he lied i can't believe austin

  • at sonic boom with trish and ally just walked in*


Trish:um stop shouting first of all and second of all how could austin lie to us like that

Ally:idk but he seems to be really in love with eachother so i think im not gonna anything

Trish:oh you know me ally im totally gonna say something

Ally:no don't trish he really loves her more then anything *jealous but doesn't show it*

trish:fine i won't say anything but you know how i am with sercrets not very good of keeping them

Ally:well you better learn by the time he walks in because-*gets cut off because austin walks in with kira*

Trish:oh look its you austin im so glad you found the love of your life because she's not liek those people who pretend to be someone else when their not

Ally:*Gives trish a worried look*

Kira/Austin:*Holding hands* yeah i love her she's amazing so ally do you mind if i show her around the practice room and the piano?

Ally:*Smiles* sure

  • they go upstairs*

Trish:their so adorable together now i totes not gonna say anything

Ally:well you almost

Trish:*rolles her eyes*

to be continued........................... the continuation is New schools & Moving

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