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“Kisses & Crushes”
Season 2, Episode 11
Air Date

August 19, 2012

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Austin keeps getting asked if he has a girlfriend and if he has any Crushes, and when he asks Ally on what he should say, she tells him to tell the truth. But when he lies on live television, he has to find a girlfriend and fast. Meanwhile, Dez and Trish are running around like little kids trying to get the money for Trish's new phone that Dez broke.


Scene 1Edit

*Austin walks in Sonic Boom with Casey and Dez as Ally is serving costumers* Austin: ALLY!! Ally: Ah! Oh its just you. What do you want? Austin: What so a guy can't come up and say hi to a girl? *Ally blushes* Ally: I... I didn't say that. Austin: Good, So now i can do this. Ally: Do wh... *Austin gentley kisses Ally on the cheek* Austin: Ally? Ally? ALLY?! *Ally snaps back to reality* Ally: Huh? Austin: Where did you go? Ally: What do you mean? Austin: Trish walked in three minutes ago and was telling you how she got a new job and stuff like that. Ally Oh, Sorry! Austin:whats the matter Ally: Austin:looks at her (kisses her) Ally:(kisses back) Austin:(deepens it) Ally: (deepens it more) Austin:(pulls away) better? Ally:much thanks Austin: (kisses her forehead) [[File:[[]]

Scene 2Edit

*Ally is in the practice room writing in her book and talking to herself* Austin... Ah, Austin why do you have a girlfriend?! *Gets a text from Trish* Trish's text: Ally, where r u? Ally's text: Where do you think? Sonic Boom. Trish's text: B there soon! Ally's text: What? *Trish walks in* Ally: AH!! Trish: Whoa! Calm down! Whats wrong? Ally: Wha-aaaat? Nothing! Gotta go! *Ally walks out of the store* Austin: sees ally walking away and runs after her Ally":Austin! (Hugs him but feels embarrased and runs away) Austin: ally im sorry about yesterday when i kissed you i shouldnt shave if you didnt want it then you should have just said Ally: (runs away crying)

Scene 3Edit

*Trish is in the park waiting for Austin.* Gets a text from Dez* Dez's text: Hey Trishy, where r u? Trish's text: How many times have i told you NOT TO CALL ME TRISHY?! Dez's text: I really dont know Trishy, How many times? *Trish turns off her phone cause Austin arrived at the park* Austin: Hey Trish, what's up? *Trish starts to cry* Austin: Ok, What did i say? Trish: Oh, Nothing. Just forget i said anything. Austin: Sorry, I can't. Trish: Why not? Austin: Cause you didn't say anything. Trish: Oh, i guess i didn't. Austin: So can you tell me what you called me for? Trish: No, i cant its about Ally she would not like it if i told you. Austin: Ok, is it something bad? Trish: Yes, and no. Its two things. Austin: Well, can you tell me one? Trish: I... I... I shouldn't. Austin: Please?! *Austin gives her the poutey face* Trish: Fine as long as you stop giving me that face! Austin: What face? Trish: THE POUTEY FACE!! *Austin stops giving Trish the poutey face* Austin: Okay, okay. Geez. Trish: Good now I can tell you. Austin: Go on. *Trish whispers it in Austin's ear* *Dez shows up and thinks that they are kissing. He gets mad and leaves* Austin: Are you sure? Trish: 100% Austin: Then I need to talk to her right now! Trish: Please don't tell her i told you! Austin: Fine. Where is Ally anyway? Trish: Hang on let me text her. Trish's text: hey Ally were are you? and trish waits for ally to text back.

scene 4 Edit

(* ally is at mini's having a mini pizza when she gets a text from trish) (trishs text) * ally where are you *  ally texts trish saying she is at mini's having a mini pizza. Ally and Autsin kiss. 💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️

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