“Kites & Karate”
Season 2, Episode 3
Chinese Kite
Air Date

June 10, 2012

Production code






Episode Guide

Happy Times & Happy Dads


Shawns & Sorrys


Ally gets a new kite from her cousin Jane, but trouble starts when Dez and Trish start fighting over it. Meanwhile Trish gets a job at the Karate Klub, and gets Austin a private lesson but he fails miserably.

Scene 1 Edit

Ally is seen unfolding a huge packet of instructions. Trish and Dez come in and both ask her what it is at the same time. Ally replies with a kite. After Ally shows them the box, Dez and trish both start fighting over who should fly it first. Ally tries to say she has to build it first but is drowned out by their bickering. Dez and Trish walk out Sonic Boom still arguing. Then Austin comes in and asks whats going on Ally replies with the same answer, as Austin walks up the stairs to the music studio saying yeah cool, whatever.

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