This is the continuation of Marriage & Babies. Read Dating & Hating, then Marriage & Babies then read this.


As Ally's in labor, Austin's not ready to have the baby yet.

Scene 1

*at the hospital*

Austin: *goes up to Ally's room* Ally!

Ally: Austin I'm so glad you're here!

Austin: Me too!

Doctor: Ok Ally breathe in and out

Ally: *breathes in and out*

Austin: I'm gonna go call Dez and Trish!

Dez: Hey buddy! What's up?

Austin: Ally's in labor!!! Come up here!!!!

Dez: Ok!

Trish: What?

Austin: Trish, Ally's in labor!

Trish: What?! I'll be right there! *hangs up*

Austin: I told Trish and Dez and they're on there way here

Ally: Ok

Austin: Hey Doc, can we have some time alone?

Doctor: Sure thing *leaves*

Austin: Ally, thank you so much for being here with me and making our child come to life. I love you Ally. Never forget that.

Ally: I love you too Austin *kisses Austin*

Austin: *kisses Ally*

Trish and Dez: *come in and see Austin and Ally kissing*

Trish: Hey........

Austin and Ally: *keep kissing*

Dez: Hello?

Austin and Ally: *still kissing*

Trish: *pushes Austin interrupting Austin and Ally's kiss*

Austin: Hey what was that for?

Trish: Oh nothing.... *turns around with an "ugh" face on her face*

Dez: How's it going guys?

Ally: Soon we'll have a baby girl.

Austin: Yep!

Ally: Trish, Dez, can we have some privacy?

Trish: Sure

Dez: Are you planning on kissing?

Trish: *drags Dez out*

Dez: Ok......

Scene 2

Trish: I wonder what they're talking about in there

Dez: Me too!

Trish: Eh, I'll just go on this computer over here

Dez: Hold on! *takes over computer and breaks it by dropping it on the floor accidentally* Oops.....

Trish: DEZ! What the heck did you do?!

Dez: Broke the computer....

Trish: YEP. And you know how much that costs? 400 dollars! Do you have that kind of money?!

Dez: Yeah......

Trish: Oh ok *reads magazine*

Scene 3

Ally: Austin, I don't know if I'm ready for this

Austin: I know it's scary, but I know I'll be ok with you by my side. We can get through this Ally. Together.

Ally: You're right. Having you here by my side makes life special. You're my favorite person in the whole world Austin.

Austin: Thanks Ally. I feel the same way *hugs Ally*

Ally: *hugs Austin and then kisses him*

Austin: *kisses Ally*

Ally: Austin! Get the doctor in here! I think it's time!

Scene 4

Trish: *bored*

Dez: When you're not here I'm spinning out of control dark clouds are crushin' my soul my heart is read to blow.... It's a Boynadooooo!

Trish: Really? Boynado?

Dez: Yep!

Scene 5

Austin: It's time?!

Ally: Yeah!

Austin: *calls the doctor*

Doctor: *comes in* Ok, breathe in and out Ally.

Austin: Come on come onnnnnn!

Ally: *breathes in and out*

Scene 6

Ally: Look at what we brought into this world

Austin: This is amazing. Thank you Ally for this. I love you.

Ally: I love you too *kisses Austin*

Austin: *kisses Ally* What should we name her?

Ally: How about Annabell?

Austin: That's perfect. Look, she's opening up her eyes!

Annabell: *opens eyes for the first time*

Ally: Annabell I will always be here for you. Just wanna tell you that

Austin: What she said.

Trish: *knocks on door* Can we come in?

Austin and Ally: Yeah!

Ally: Look! *carries Annabell*

Trish: Awwwww!

Dez: So cute!

Ally: Trish, Dez, we better get going. Austin and I have to get Annabell's room ready.

Trish and Dez: Bye!

Austin and Ally: Bye!

Scene 7

Ally: Austin, no matter what happens, you're the best person in the world.

Austin: Thanks Ally. I feel the same way

Austin and Ally: *kiss*

Thanks for reading this and I'll post a continuation soon! My username's AustinAlly4evr, so yeah. Hope you like this!

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