“Leaders & Layers”
Season 1, Episode 8
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Memorable Quote: Ally to Austin: But we need to cheer up and stop thinking about the kiss for a while and maybe one day we could be together.

Leaders & Layers is the eighth episode in season 1 of Austin & Ally. 


One hot guy from school asks Ally on a date and Austin tries to sabotage it because he realizes that the guy is bad 


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Austin and ally forever123



Trish makes only 2 short cameos in this episode. It is explained that she had to work.

The Story:

Ally: (reading book)

Austin: Ah Ally stop reading all that books come here and have fun with me and Dez.

Ally: But I am having fun right now. And playing with Dez? Hmm.. No thanks.

Austin: But cmon! Only thing you do is reading. Maybe you should try something else?

Ally: Ok, but I just have to finish this and these books overthere.

Austin: (sees lots of books) But that is gonna take like forever.

Ally: Maybe for you. For me, it is good 6 hours. 

Austin: (scared face) Are you an alien?


Ally: (gets in Sonic Boom) Guys guess what I just got asked for a date!

Austin: What?!

Ally: Shouldnt you be happy Austin? I took your advice and now i will be doing something else. Im going on date tomorrow. Cant wait!

Austin: Sure Im happy for, you, not that I like you so I wouldnt be happy. Why would I say that? (leaves)

Trish: Soo, who is that guy?

Ally: It is Cameron from school.

Trish:That guy is really hot.

Dez: Uh.. Ally you shouldnt be with him cause if you touch him you'll be burning.

Trish: Not that hot you doof.

(At school)

Ally: hey Austin why did you just leave off like that yesterday

Austin: oh you know cause I was uh busy I had homework to do

Ally: you never do homework

Austin: uh no not that kind of homework I mean the home work where you do -

Cameron: hey Ally can't wait for our date (smiles)

Ally: me niether (smiles) (Cameron walks away)

Austin: Ally we were talking

Ally: sorry Austin I'm just really excited about Cameron.

Austin: well what about Austin and Ally

Ally: what are u talking about there will always be an Austin and Ally

(Bell rings)

Austin: look I gotta go (walks away) 

(on the class)

Cameron: (whispers) So Ally I was wondering does that guy Austin maybe like you?

Ally: (gigles) I dont think so... (smiles)

Cameron: Good. It is not good to like him.

Ally: Why?

Cameron: Because he is the leader of... BBG.

Ally; What is that?

Cameron: That means Bad boys gang.

Ally: Again... What is that?

Cameron: That is group of bad students who are trying to destroy... Time for one class. Class in going to be only 20 minutes long...


Teacher: Ally I cant belive Im saying this but SHUT UP already!

Ally: Oh... ok.

Cameron: So anyway you are probably very mad at him right now and you probably dont want to write songs for him right now.

Ally: I guess so.

Cameron: But you cant waiste your talent and I can sing a little so maybe you could write songs for me now.

Ally: I guess so...

Cameron: SWEET! I mean.... Too bad. (makes sad face)

(Bell rings)

Cameron: So I guess I will see you at eight.

Ally: Yeah. And dont be late! Hahah so funny right?

Cameron. Yeah... Funny. (leaves)

(In the Sonic Boom)

(Austin and Dez playing banjo badminton)

Austin: Okay Dez lets stop goofing around I need to ask you something.

Dez: Is it about... loooooove?

Austin: Yeah.

Dez: Well, you came to right person. Cause everybody calls me.. (whispers) the love whisper.

Austin: Nobody calls you that.

Dez: Yes they do, but you cant hear them because they are (whispers) whispering.

Austin: Anywaay.. I dont know how to get Ally like me.

Dez: Well that is simple. You shuold find another girl to make Ally jelous. End of the problem.

Austin: But what if I like that girl so much and then I stop liking Ally.

Dez: Again, end of the problem.

Austin: You know what. I will try. Thanks man.

Ally: (enters Sonic Boom) Hi Dez. Austin. Is there anything you want to tell me? 

Austin: Huh... No. Why would you ask that. Well, I gotta go. Im having a... meeting.

Ally: What meeting?

Austin: Good... boys... group?

Ally: Oh.. Then bye.

Austin: (leaves)

Ally: Oh my gosh Dez Austin is in the Bad Boy Gang!

Dez: But Ally didnt he say Good Boy Gang.

Ally: Yeah but he was lying Cameron told me that he is in Bad Boy Group and Austin was nervous and he told me that he is in Good Boy Group which I dont think that exist.

Dez: What? But I just wanted to go with Austin. You know, I was really good boy when I was little.

Ally: Yeah... Dont care right now. Bye. (leaves)

(8 oclock)

Cameron: Hey Ally are you ready for our date.

Ally: Yeah. Lets go.

(at the mall)

Austin: Hello girl I was wondering do you want to go out with me.

Bailey: Aaaaaaahhh OMG Austin Moon just asked me on a date.

Austin: Yeah, so, what do you say?

Bailey: Will you sing for me. 

Austin: Ok. So hello everyone I am going to sing a song for only one of you and that is you (points at Bailey)

Bailey: (screams)

Austin: (sings Forever)

Austin: So? Will you go out with me.

Bailey: Austin Im flatered but I have a boyfriend. And I dont like good boys. I like bad boys.

Austin: Oh... But then why did you ask me to sing.

Bailey: Cause I always wanted to hear you sing!

Austin: Good. So you tricked me.

Bailey: Exactly. Wait a moment. (gets phone out of her pocket and calls someone) Cmon Cameron pick it up pick it up!

Austin: Wait. Your boyfriend is Cameron? Cameron Martin?

Bailey: Daa. He is soo hot but he is not answering to me for past 3 hours.

Austin: Oh my gosh I gotta go bye! (leaves and then get to Bailey again) You might wanna see this hurry up!

(at the restourant) 

Ally: This is the best date ever!

Cameron: Yeah. Yeah it is. (smiles)

Ally: So what now.

Cameron: Now we are going to kiss.

Ally: (nervously) Ok.

( They lean in but Austin and Bailey get in the restourant and stop them)

Austin: You...

Cameron: Bailey? Listen girl I can explain.

Bailey: You can? You CAN?! Actually.... I would love to hear that.

(Cameron and Bailey are arguing, while Ally gets to Austin)

Ally: What is happening?

Austin: He was lying to you all the time. And he is the leader of Bad Boys Gang.

Ally: But he told me that you are the leader. Oh my gosh thanks Austin you are amazing.

(They hug and after that they stare at each other)

(They lean in and kiss)

Ally: What the heck happened?

Austin: I guess we kissed.

Ally: But what does that mean? 

Austin: I dont know... But we shouldnt be together... Or should we?

Ally: Only thing I know is that if we sometimes have a fight it will probaby ruin our partnership.

Austin: And we dont know eachother long. Maybe we should do it when our relantionship become stronger.

Ally: You are probably right. But we need to cheer up and stop thinking about kiss for a while and maybe one day we could be together.

(They hug again)

Austin: Agree.

(Bailey throws a cake in Camerons face)

(Austin and Ally laugh together)

Ally: This was so funny!

Austin: Yeah!

Austin and Ally: Get him Bailey! Get him Bailey! Get him Bailey!

Bailey: Be sure I will!

(at the Sonic Boom)

Trish: So what happened with you and Cameron? I wasnt here all day because of a stupid work.

Ally: We broke up.

Trish: Oh.. Too bad.

Ally: And me and Austin- (Austin stops her)

Austin: Cheared for his girlfriend to kill him!

(Austin and Ally smile at eachother)

Dez: Dont you mean ex-girlfriend?

Austin: Aha. Exactly.

(The end)

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