Series # No. # Title                                Airdate                                        Prod. Code Viewers
1 1

"It Starts Now"

September 13, 2013

A Group Of Villian finds out that the new Super Hero is Marc Griffin and Bella Griffin.

Villians: Dr. Scrub, Evil Boyce, Jerk. M (Moneco)

2 2 "Made On Tv"                 September 13, 2013                                      

Marc wants his sister to stay safe while battling evil, but she thinks Marc is being a little over protecting.

Villians: Dr. Scrub, And Evil Boyce

3 3 "Pork N' Rice" September 27, 2013

When Marc orders Chineas food it goes to his body and parolize him, but when Bella sees the ingredients on a tape, she then realize that her brother been parolized by Evil Boyce.

Villians: Evil Boyce

4 4 "Do You Wanna Dummy" October 2013

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