ally dawson:Laura marano

austin moon:Ross lynch

elliot:cody allen christan

trish de la rosa:Raini rodgriguez

Dez fisher:calum worthy

Guest stars:

Jimmy starr: Jim White

Kira starr: Kiersy clemon's

 part 1 of the    PlotEdit

Ally starts dating Elliot -Mean while - austin gets jealous and realizes he may be in love with ally the next day Ally and elliot break up -later that day - austin and ally touch hands and almost kiss but trish comes in And interrupts them.

Part 2 of the PlotEdit

the next day austin and ally are being weird around eachother trish and dez think something happend between them or they also think they like eachother.Ally realizes she's in love with austin They lean in but then trish interrupts them again (LOL XD) so they pulled apart fast So the next day auslly do kiss and trish and dez caught them they had this face :O (lol ) auslly start sercret dating so trish and dez don't know but auslly don't know that trez saw them kissing. the next day auslly see elliot and kira kising and auslly are shocked when jimmy finds out elliot and kira sre dating he breaks them up

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