ally is jealous austin has a girlfriend named kira

written on july 8,2013 and written by Auslly4Ever&Always

Ally:Hey austin

Austin:*on the phone*

Ally:*Rolls her eyes*

trish:*walks in*



Ally:no new job?

trish:no new job. im tired of working

ally:yeah i bet you are

austin:*Hangs up* ugh*Talks to himself*kira please answer

Trish:*Asks*who's kira

ally:austin's girlfriend*Rolls her eyes while saying it*

trish:you sound jealous

ally:*looks at her*Whaaaaaaaaat

trish:*Glares at her*

Ally:Okay im jealous why do you care

trish:i don't i was just wondering

ally:Suuuuuure maybe because you ship auslly

Trish:okay i do  you guys are so cute together

ally:thanks but kaustin is happening plus austin loves kira :(

trish:ik but maybe he loves you too

ally:what r u talking about

trish:im talking about him liking you

Ally:what?your crazy*smiles at the idea of auslly*

trish:your smiling oh my ally is in love

austin:*heard when trish say my ally is in love* in love with who

Ally:(talks as the same time as trish)umm nobody

trish:(talks as the same time as ally):Dallas

Ally+trish:*Look at eachother*

Austin:*Weirded out* okaay

to be continued the continuation will be coming soon its called Dates&breakUp


ross lynch as Austin moon

Laura Marano as Allison dawson(Ally dawsom)

raini rodriguez as Trish de la rosa(trish)

calum worthy as Dez(don't dez's last name)

_guest stars________________________________

kiersy clemons as Kira starr(will appear in Dates&BreakUp)

Luke beward as Jake houston(plays ally's crush in Dates&BreakUp)

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