This is a continuation from Dating & Hating. Hope you guys like it!


As Austin and Ally start their lives together as a married couple, news surprise them that they are having a baby. Meanwhile, Trish tries to prove to Dez that she can hold down a job as a dinosaur at kids parties for more than 3 days.

Scene 1

*at their new home*

Austin: Well here we are!

Ally: Yep. Time to get serious about life now.

Austin: Yeah, but I know I can do it since you're by my side.

Ally: I feel the same way. *kisses Austin*

Austin: *kisses Ally*

Ally: *phone rings* Hold on.

Austin: Ok

Ally: What?! *person on phone speaks* Well that's great news! I'll talk to you later. Bye.

Austin: Who was that?

Ally: The doctor.

Austin: Why did they call?

Ally: They gave me good news.

Austin: And they are.....?

Ally: Well, I'm having a baby!

Austin: Wait, we're having a baby?! Yes!!!! *hugs Ally and picks her up while spinning her around*

Ally: *kisses Austin*

Austin: *kisses Ally*

Ally: Let's give Trish and Dez the great news!

Austin: I haven't talked to them since our wedding. You?

Ally: Me either. I'm gonna call Trish

Austin: I'll call Dez.

Ally: I'm having a baby!!!!

Trish: That's awesome!!! Congratulations!!!!

Ally: Thanks! Oh also, later can you come over to me and Austin's new house?

Trish: Ok! What's the address?

Ally: *tells Trish the address*

Trish: Ok! I'll be there later!Bye!

Ally: Bye!

Austin: *calls Dez*

Dez: *doesn't pick up the phone*

Austin: Oh come on! *hangs up*

Ally: Trish is on her way here! What about Dez?

Austin: He didn't pick up the phone. Oh well!

Ally: Well, let's go play on the piano!

Austin: Yeah!

Scene 2

Trish: Guess who got a job at Dinosaurs and More?

Dez: I don't know, the ice cream man?

Trish: Dez, you're such a-- You know what? I won't even say anything......

Dez: Yeah ok...... But I'm shocked they'd hire you to be a dinosaur!

Trish: I know!

Dez: I doubt you'll keep that job very long.

Trish: Oh yeah? I'll keep this job for 3 days and I'll prove to you I can keep a job for more than 3 days.

Dez: You got yourself a deal.

Trish: Good!

Dez: *checks phone* Shoot! Austin called me!

Trish: I think I know why....

Dez: Why then?

Trish: Ally's having a baby!!!!!!!!!

Dez: No way! Really?

Trish: Yeah! Let's go over to their new house!

Dez: You actually have the address? And what about work?

Trish: Ally called me to tell me that she was having a baby and she gave me the address to her new house. And also, I'm on break.

Dez: No telling with you....

Trish: Pardon me?

Dez: Uh..... nothing.....

Trish: Yeah ok

Scene 3

*at their house*

Austin: *plays piano*

Ally: *plays piano*

Austin: *accidentally touches Ally's hand*

Ally: *feels Austin's hand*

Austin: *kisses Ally*

Ally: *kisses Austin*

Trish: *knocks on the door while Austin and Ally kiss*

Austin and Ally: *don't hear Trish*

Trish: *barges in with Dez*

Trish and Dez: *sees Austin and Ally kissing*

Trish: Hi! Sorry to break this up but we're here!

Austin and Ally: *stutter and stops kissing*

Ally: Uh..... hi...guys!

Austin: You didn't see that........

Trish and Dez: Yeah we did.

Ally: Darn!

Austin: Either way, nice to see you guys!

Austin and Dez: *do the what up?! handshake*

Trish and Ally: *hug*

Trish: Ally, congrats on the baby!

Dez: Yeah!

Austin: Uh hello? The baby wouldn't be here without me.......

Trish: Yeah congrats *looks the other direction*

Dez: Yeah congrats. *to Ally* Is it going to be a boy or girl?! Tell me tell me!!!!!

Ally: We don't know yet!

Austin: I hope it's a girl.

Ally: Me too!

Trish: Oh.... I'm gonna be late for work! I better go! Bye guys! *runs out quickly*

Ally: What was that for?

Dez: I made a bet with her that she can keep her job for at least 3 days.

Austin: That explains it.....

Dez: Well, I gotta go buddy. Bye!

Austin: See you later!

Ally: Bye!

Austin: Finally time alone......

Ally: Yep. What do you want to do?

Austin: This...... *turns a slow song on* Shall we dance?

Ally: *smiles and dances with Austin*

Scene 4

*at a dinosaur birthday party*

Trish: Hey kids! Who's ready to have fun?!

Kids: Me!!!!!!

Trish: *sings theme song* *whispers* Man I hate this job.

Kids: *tackle Trish/ Dubby the Dinosaur*

Trish: Oh come on!

Scene 5

Trish: Worst day of work EVER.

Dez: You only have 1 day left Trish.

Trish: I know, but it's hard to do this.

Dez: Too bad! *walks away*

Trish: Doofis.

Scene 6

*Austin and Ally still dancing*

Austin: *music turns off and he gets his iPod out to find another song*

Ally: *phone rings* Sorry Austin I gotta take this.

Austin: Ok

Ally: Oh ok! I'll be right there!

Austin: What was that?

Ally: The doctor. I gotta go for them to check on the baby and stuff.

Austin: Get back soon! Love you

Ally: Love you too *kisses Austin*

Austin: *kisses Ally*

Ally: Bye

Scene 7

*at Trish's work*

Trish: *sings theme song*

Kid: She's evil! Get her!!!!!!

Kids: *tackle Trish*

Trish: I hate my job....

Scene 8

*at the doctor*

Doctor: The baby's a girl!

Ally: Thank you so much!

Doctor: Oh also, you're ready to have the baby now.

Ally: *in shock* Really? I'm in labor already?

Doctor: Yep.

Ally: But my husband's not here!

Doctor: I'll call him. What's his number?

Ally: *gives doctor Austin's number*

Doctor: Hello? Is this the husband of Ally Dawson?

Austin: Yeah.....

Doctor: Well, your wife's in labor and you need to come to her immediately.

Austin: Ally's in labor?! I'll be right there! *hangs up*

Scene 9

Trish: Dez, I got fired

Dez: It's been 3 days though! You did it!

Trish: I did, didn't I?

Dez: Yeah! But why did you get fired?

Trish: All the kids thought I was evil and I was doing a bad job as a dinosaur so the kids told my boss and I got fired.

Dez: Oh.......

Hope you guys like it! I'm AustinAlly4evr, and the continuation of this episode is Labor & Not Ready. Just wanted to let you know!

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