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FEB. 18 2014

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Movies & Monsters is the eight episode in season 1 of Austin & Ally Fanon.

Memorable quote: Dez to Ally: " Yep your voice was amazing"

Overview: Dez makes a movie.



Austin and ally forever123

The Story:

(Dez walks into sonic boom sadly)

Ally: oh hey Dez wats wrong?

Trish: ya you usally walk in the room all happy

Dez: look I want to make a movie but I don't have any good actors

Trish: wat about me?

Dez: ooo I said good

Trish : you didn't let me finish wat bout me kicking you right in the know you know where unless u let me be in your stupid movie!

Dez: uhh you could be in it um austin and Ally can you guys be in it?

Ally: sorry stage fright

Austin: and I don't act I'm just a double threat singing and dancing

Ally: come on Austin, maybe me and Austin can write a song for your movie

Dez: ya just make it about monsters

Ally: oooo

Austin: k wat I thought I was supposed to complete the sentence (Austin and Ally head up to the practice room)

Dez: now where am I supposed to get good actors

Trish: I know! Why don't we hold auditions at Sonic Boom

Dez: ya I'm sure Ally won't mind

(Next day at sonic Boom)

Ally: do you guys mind I'm trying to work here without all these creepy monsters in the store

Dez: Uh do you mind?

Trish: we're trying to audition monsters for Dez's movie

Ally: O well in that case I guess you can stay

Trish: really?

Ally: No! Look if you guys want to audition people for you [monster voice] moooovvvvvieeeee [normal voice] can you at least do it when im not working

Dez: Alright everyone out!

Ally: Wow Dez, im suprised you listened to me

Dez: Yep your voice was amazing

Ally: I always talk like this

Dez: No not like that I mean your monster voice it was perrrrr-fectly awesome

Ally: O well thx 

Dez: welcome to the movie [puts out his hand for a shake]

Ally: but I was not auditioning

Dez: well of course you werent you didnt have a costume on but dont worry im pretty sure we can make you into a horrifying monster

Trish: Do we need a lot of makeup

Dez: Nah not really she almost looks like a monster her sef so we dont need a lot

Ally: hey that was not very nice

Dez: wat?

Ally: you said I was almost a monster myself

Dez: O not you I mean this other girl me and Trish was going to get in but then we found your awesome monster voice Trish, you really need to be more specific on who you talking about 

[Trish and Ally have a confused look on there face]

Ally: I just dont know how im supposed to watch the store, write songs for Austin, and be in your movie

Dez: Its easy Austin will watch the storewhile you be in my movie and when you done with my movie then you can write songs for Austin

Trish: wow im suprised a smart idea came out of your mouth

Dez: [starts crying]

Ally: See wat you did Trish

Dez: Ah Ha! I fooled you guys, now thats called acting something that you two girls need to do

Trish: heres something else that we need to do [steps on Dez's toe]

Dez: ow!

[next day]

Austin: Ally, I cant watch the store

Ally: [puppy dog eyes] plzzzzzz your the only one I have to watch the store

Austin: aww man your puppy dog eyes worked [sad face]

Ally: Austiin, you just have to watch the store for an hour ok?

Austin: but I dont even know what I need to do

Ally: just make sure no one steals a instrument or money got it?

Austin: Oh that sounds easy

Ally: see, i told you [walks out of the store]

[Austin sits on the counter and starts playing flappy bird on his phone]

[a stranger comes in and steals a instrument]

Austin:[looks up from his phone] hey come back here [starts running after the stranger]

[the stranger Austin runs onto the set where Dez is fillming]

Austin: Um Ally I can explain uh.. uh.. uh.. [Austin starts to wake up]

Austin: woah that was all just a dream [stars looking around and sees no instruments in Sonic Boom] uh oh

Ally: [Ally walks in] wat happened i told you to watch the store until im done fillming with Dez

Austin: look once you left I started playing flappy brid on my phone on the counter and I guess I fel asleep

Ally: oh well maybe we should call it slappy Austin

Austin: why?

[Ally starts slapping Austin and Austin runs out]

[next day]

Mike: were very sorry about wat Austin did so Austin is going to giv all the money he got from being famous to pay for everything

[Austin gives the money]

Ally: thx Austin [hugs Austin]

Austin: [hugs Ally and smiles a bit while they are hugging] 

[Ally stops hugging]

Austin: [stops hugging] I guess ill just have to play lot more concerts to get more money

Mimi: or you can do your chores

Austin: nah [Austin, Mimi, and Mike walk out of Sonic Boom]

The end wat do you think?

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