My Teammates
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Song by Austin and ally forever123
Album: None
Released: 12,12,13
Created by: Austin and ally forever123
Episode: All
Genre(s): Mostly rock
Previous: None
Next: Double Take [look at Austin and Ally Wiki]
My Teammates

My Teammates is a song written And sung by Austin and ally forever123. It is the theme song for Austin and Ally.


Would I be here without my teammate 

oh no no no no

Is there an I in team no no no

Is there the word solo in team no no no

Theres no other word like team 

oh no no no no

Team is workin together

comprimising, havin fun and 

making new friends making new friends

theres no other thing like team team [x2]

I have my manager Trish Trish

My vid dirctor Dez Dez

and my partner Al ly

and were a team [x2]

Spell it ready T E A M and that spells 

Team team say it again team

team My teammates and I

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