“Notes & Discoveries”
Season 1, Episode 2
Air Date

March 12, 2013

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Firestone Piper

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Episode Guide: MagicalEdit

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Summary: Episode 2: "Notes & Discoveries"Edit

After their first date,  Austin and Ally headsback to Sonic Boom.

There, they work on their song. What happens if the next morning, Austin  was no where to be found.

And not only that ,but what if Dallas asked Ally out?

What would that mean for Team Austin? find out here.







N & DEdit

Austin POV: I was shocked to say the very least. And It takes a lot to surprise me.

One second, Ally and I had been dancing to a slow song, and the next.

I was happy, but very shocked.

Now we were back to just dancing in time to the music, and it was nice.

Now that we were on official couple. An official, this is a love song couple.

Oh the irony of that song. That thought brings a smile to my face.

Ally and I keep dancing to the music; then the dance party ends.

Disappointed that it's over, but feeling on top of the world, we walk back across the beach and towards Sonic Boom. We hold hands and walk in silence.

"Thanks for tonight Austin, it really was the best night of my life." says Ally.

"No problem Ally." I reply as we make it to Sonic Boom.

When we open the door, we find the unexpected.

Trish and Dez and sitting together; giggling!

Ally sends me a half panicked half amused glance and I'm sure that I return it.

What in the name of pancakes do we do? If we interrupt, well, things may get ugly. You never know with Trish around.

Slowly, but surely, Ally and I sneak our way upstairs without being noticed by either Trish or Dez.

"Can you believe that?" Ally asks, excitement in her eyes.

"Kind of, Dez told me that he liked her a few weeks ago.'"I say, shrugging.

Ally just laughs and shakes her head.

"So about the song, you know, the one we were writing." I say.

And so we set to work writing our song.

It's nice, just a normal night.

AS We are writing our song though, I can't get my mind off the fact that Trish and Dez are dating.

Looks like times are changing for Team Austin.


Ally POV:

"Austin?" I call, looking around his room, hoping for all I'm worth that he is here.

I came over to see him, but it doesn't seem like he is here.

I already asked his parents; they are looking all over town as well.

Where did he go? How far could he have gotten in one night?

I come out of my pondering and hesitate when I hear a doorbell ring. I walk downstairs and open the door.

My heart nearly skips a beat. It's Dallas.

"Hey Ally, heard you were here. I came to talk to you." he says, stepping into the house and making me take an involuntary step back.

"Okay, Dallas.. whats up?" I ask, trying to keep my cool.

"Look Ally, your a nice girl so I was hoping that we could go to the movies sometime." he says, smiling.

"Thanks, nut no thanks, you see Dallas. I have a boyfriend." I say, trying my best to smile.

He laughs. "You mean Austin? Alright maybe, but no one knows where he is."

I try to keep from crying. "Like I said, thanks but no thanks." As soon as he walks out I slam the door.

What just happened? I have to take a few deep breaths to calm myself before I can think clearly.

Dallas just asked me out and Austin is, of course, nowhere to be seen.

I need some serious help. I whip out my phone and start to text Trish.

Help me! Austin is nowhere to be seen and Dallas just asked me out :(

While I'm waiting for her reply, I decide to check Austin's room one last time. Maybe there is a clue there.

When I get there, there's a note.

Dearest and wonderful Ally;

I sincerely hope you to ended up have much fun as to it was most as save(ory)and I will, me, cherish it forever ally.

At least I see you on every Forth (Of July). Word!

What the pickles! This note makes no since! I shake my head to clear it and than read the note again.

What the heck was up with save(ory)? Thats the most confusing part.

Dallas just needs to get out and stay out of your life... and IKR! Well Dez is gone 2! :( Thoughts?

Trish's text is sad. Dez is gone too! what's going on?

I have to reply.

AWW! UR kidding me, right? Well anyways I found this weird note in Austin's room.

Wait a second. I look at the note just a little closer.

At least I see you on every Forth (Of July). Word! Every fourth. word?

That's when I start to figure it out! It's a coded message! I sit down on Austin's chair to figure this out.

Hmm. Every fourth word. Well, here goes nothing.

I have to hold that thought when I get Trish's reply.

'Dez' didn't leave anything :/ met at Sonic boom in 20?

I reply quickly.

Sure c u l8ter!

I turn back to the note. Time to get back to business.

Every fourth world. I start with the first line, the greeting. Dearest and wonderful Ally;

If you go by every worth word, it's Ally. Okay. So me what?

I sincerely hope you to ended up have much fun as to it was most save(ory)and I will, me, cherish it forever ally.

Well, you... Ally, you... Ally, you have.. I don't like where this is going... Ally, you have to... Ally, you have to save(ory) wait that's

save, not save(ory)... Ally, you have to save... and the last word... me... Austin's message is Ally, you have to save me.

I start to chew on my hair.

Why would he need saving?

And why am I the one who has to save him?

A/N: And no one saw that coming! and yes, the coded message took me a few minutes to figure out:/

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