“Pair Of Tunes”
Season 6, Episode 14-16(Pair Of Kings)
Air Date

July 24,2014

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Part 1 Plot Edit

When Brady,Boomer & Boz Nightclub has nobody there they tell a lie to The Island that Ross Lynch will perform But they can't book him at the club so they have to find them and make him perform so the Island won't Dethrone them as Kings.

Part 2 Plot Edit

When the Kings finally find Ross Lynch He can't go because he is filming an Austin & Ally episode so they capture him & The Austin & Ally Cast and get them on kinkow but lose them so now they have to find them Before It's too late.

Part 3 Plot   Edit

When the Kings finally found The A&A Cast,Ross,Spencer,James,Trevor sing a new song. After the song The Whole cast gets captured By The Dark Side King Zadoc So Now The Kings & Mikayla must save them before It's too late.


Main Cast: 

Mitchell Musso as Brady

Doc Shaw as Boomer 

Adam Hicks as Boz 

Kelsey Chow as Mikayla (Only In Part 1& 3)

Guest Stars:

Ross Lynch as Himself

Laura Marano as Herself  

Calum Worthy as Himself 

Raini Rodriguiez as Herself 

James Maslow as Himself 

Spencer Boldman as Himself 

Aubrey Peeples as Herself 

Trevor Jackson as 

Noah Centineo as Dallas 


  • This Doesn't Count as an Austin & Ally Episode But As A Pair Of Kings Episode 
  • This Is A One Hour Event For All 3 Parts
  • For all of April this episode was not live taped while from May 1, 2012 to July 4, 2012 the episode was live taped
  • Filming will start April 5, 2012 to July 4 2012 And Will Premiere July 24,2014 
  • Dale Davis was mentioned by Ross Lynch 
  • This episode got 5.9 milllion viewers for the first part and got 2.7 million viewers for the second part and for the final part got 9.4 million viewers 
  • Ross,Doc, Laura, Trevor, Mitchell tweeted that they were recording a new song for part 3 ( Ross Tweet: At the Office recording a new song with my #Let It Shine bboy king @trevorjackson5 and mega bboy #Kinkow King @docshaw, supah @mitchellmusso and my lady JK  @lauramarano. 
  • Trevor's Tweet: Had a ball with Disney’s adorkable=p @lauramarano r5 bboy sensation #Louderer @rossR5 & superking  @docshaw #POKUltimate and @mitchellmusso wassup!!!!
  • Mitchell's Tweet: A day in the life of the AustinandAlly & POK cast with singing, comedy and ? you know what watch the crossover on Disney Channel July 24, 2014 and here's a hint #January 2015, Canada!  
  • Doc's Tweet: Finishing up some songs for the POK& A&A Crossover premiere on July 24, 2014 recording with the adorkable @lauramarano r5 bboy sensation @rossR5, Bboy king @trevorjackson5 and the awesome @mitchellmuso plus working on album #Loud Hound @goldrushfyu. Man these guys fun to hang with XD  
  • Laura Tweet: This is such an exciting and hectic time. After so much hard work, this single finishing process is really fun. Hectic but really really fun but it's worth it remember watch Pair Of Tunes on July 24, 2016 and who knows I might be seeing a live collab in the future…? with @docshaw and @rossR5 and @trevorjackson5 + @mitchellmusso #yesplease!!  this single is finishing Tomorrow afternoon      

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