Penny Dawson is the mother of Ally Dawson and wife of Lester Dawson. She moved to Miami after a African Research Trip. She is portrayed by Julia Campbell.

Penny Patricia Dawson
Gender Female
Age 39
Hometown Africa (Former)

Miami (Current)

Professional Information
Friends and Family
Ally Dawson
Love interests
Lester Dawson
Other Information
Portrayed by
Julia Campbell


Penny is a loving, caring person who deeply cares about her family. She is also friendly and funny.


Perfection and Pasadena - Travels with Team Austin to Austin's concert in Pasadena in the Dog with a Blog crossover. She instantly makes friends with Ellen Jennings.

Cakes and Couples - Gets back together with Lester.

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Penny Dawson

Penny introducing Austin at the concert in Pasadena.