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 Memorable Quote: Austin to Ally: so how about I perform My Teammates because I wouldnt be here without you guys

Performances & Prizes is third episode in season 1 of Austin & Ally. It aired on 26th December.


Austin and Ally need to finish songs before the festival. Meanwhile Trish gets Dez to work as her.


My teammates 



Austin and ally forever123


The Story:

[ In Sonic Boom the gang is just chillin]

Trish: Guess what I just booked Austin to play some songs at a festival  Austin: No way, Trish your the best ( hugs Trish, Trish hugs back)

Ally: Trish! That is awesome! (They hug)


Trish: Soo, do you have any songs to perform?

Ally: Oh my god! We don't have at least one finished song. Come on Austin we need to finish those songs   (walks upstairs to the practice room and Austin follows)

Dez: well, now I have no one to hang with

Trish: ( gets an idea in her head) why don't you wear this wig and uniform and work for me, oh and tell the manager you have this voice problem

Dez: but I said I wanted to hang not do work

Trish: how about you think of it as a video game the more money you get the more your teammate will be happy, and don't you like seeing people happy

Dez: I do, so I'll work ( runs off with the uniform and wig happily)

( Trish sits down on the bench and starts reading magazines)

Austin: so how about I perform my teammates because I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you guys

Ally: Thx Austin

( Austin smiles)

Austin: Now I just need one more song to perform

Ally: oh maybe we can write about how it feels when your famous

Austin: Well, you are the writer, not me. My part is to perform. Soo... bye!

Ally: Austin! (smiles) Come back!

Austin: Ooooooohhh, ok. (makes sad face)

Ally: so when your famous how does it make you feel

Austin: it's great

Ally: anything else...

Austin: I don't know look all I know is that I LOVE performing and I don't know how to explain it

Ally: how about instead of writing how it makes you feel lets write it about what you get to DO when your famous

Austin: ya you get girls to fall for you, eat all the pancakes in the world

Ally: oh! You get to go around the world

Austin: yep! And I get to spend the journey with my 3 best friends

Ally: :) Thx Austin

Austin: :) No problem Now come on let's finish the song

Ally: ya :)

Austin: ya :)

(Both start playing chords on the piano)

Dez: (looks like Trish) Time to win this video game ( sees Trish comming) So Trish whats the first thing I should do

Trish: wipe-

(Dez runs off and wipes the wall)

Trish: You didn't let me finish ding wit wipe the tables not the walls

Dez: oh ( runs of smacks the food away on the table and starts wiping that table)

(The people at that table are mad and goes to the manager madly)

The people of that table: we want a refund(chants)

Manager: (goes over to Dez who looks like Trish)

( Trish hides behind the counter)

Manager: Trish you are fired

Dez: I'm not Trish I'm Dez ( takes of the wig)

Manager: Well tell Trish she is fired for me ok Dez?

Dez: ok but did I win the video game

( The manager has a confused look on her face and walks away

Trish: well I guess I'm not getting that trip to Hawaii

Dez: oh! Trish you're fired

(Austin's on stage at the festival and Ally, Trish, and Dez are in the crowd)

Austin: Hey everyone thanks for comming out to this awesome festival and the panacake here are on fire not literally ok well the first song ill be performing is My Teammates written by my partner Ally Dawson

( Austin performs My Teammates)

(Crowd cheers after performance)

Austin: Alright hope ypu like that song this next song which is my newest song is again written by my partner Ally Dawson and its called Famous

( austin performs famous)

( crowd cheers more loudly than the first time)

Austin: Thx and get your tounge on fire with those awesome pancakes not literally ( gets off stage)

( The gang enjoys the rest of their time at the festival)

(The End)

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