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Personalities and People is the ninth episode in season 1 of Austin and Ally fanon

Overview: Austin decides to change his personality

Refrence: Austin and ally forever123


Austin: [Austin walks into sonic boom] look at this Ally [shows her a magazine]

Ally: Its a magazine

Austin: look whos on the cover

Ally: J.J. RELLO

AUSTIN: exactly!

Ally: soooo

Austin: JJ RELLO used to be a nice guy then he turned into a bad boy

Ally: ya hes hot

Austin: excuse me?

Ally: sorry i mean hes ugly

Austin: look anyways all the girls are over him cause he used to be a good person now hes bad

Aly: look AUstin, not all girls are over a guy just cause he changes his peronality

Austin: name one celebrity that never changed his personality

Ally: ummm... you

Austin: see everyone changes their personality

Ally: ya but you can be the first celebrit that never changed his personality and girls are still all over me

Austin: i dont want to take a chance, look you wanna know my biggest fear?

Ally: sure

Austin: is if i loose my fans

Trish: [walks into Sonic Boom WITH Dez] hey guys wats up

Ally: will you tell Austin that he does not have to change his personality to keep his fans

Trish: well Ally that is kinda true

Austin: see

Dez: woo hoo! Austins changing his personality, come on buddy lets go shop for some clothes [grabs Austins arm and runs out]

Ally: I still dont think its a good idea to change his personality 

Trish: come on Ally give it a chance

Ally: fine but im not happy about it

[next day Austin walks into sonic boom like a rocker]

Ally: umm hi Austin

Austin: whos Austin im bad mc bad

[someone is walking out of sonic boom with a soda]

[bad mc bad grabs the soda and drinks from it]

jake: dude! im going to report you

bad mc bad: see if i care

Ally: Austin i cant believe you did that

bad mc bad: i can do watever i want and i told you the name is bad mc bad now come on lets work on a stupid song [starts walking up the stairs]

Ally: no, im done being your songwriter if your going to act this way [ walks out of sonic boom]

Austin: no Ally come back 

Dez: tough luck buddy [puts a hand on Austins shoulder]

[Austin has a sad face]

[next day Austin wals into Sonic Boom normaly]

Ally: hi how may i help you today sir

Austin: Ally plz stop pretending you dont know me and im sorry i acted that way yesterday and now girls hate me

Ally: I dont hate you Austin

Austin: [smiles] thx Ally that REALLY means alot coming from you so are you my songwriter again

Ally: no

Austin: wat!

Ally: kidding [smiles]

Austin: [smiles] well one problem done now the second problm

Ally: which is?

Austin: I need to get girls to not hate me anymore

Ally: well thats going to be hard because wat you did yesterday is all over the news

Austin: oh i have an idea, why dont i do alot of good things to replace wat i did yesterday

Ally: ya here why dont you go donate some money to charity

Austin: is a dollar good?

Ally: Austin

Austin: kidding dont worry ill give them a lot

[gives money to charity]

[helps build homes]

[gets a cat out of a tree]

[finds a lost childs parent]

Austin: well  think my work care is done

Ally: yep! not only did you help a lot of people, girls like you again too

Austin: yep it looks like everything is working out

narrator: and they all lived happily ever after the end

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