Pet and Drama Episode of Austin & Ally. (The Episode was renamed : Pet & Drama)


Main CastEdit

Guest StarEdit

  • Billie The Bird As Owen
  • TBA As Brian Dawson (Ally's Cousin)
  • John Cena As Custumer
  • Guy As Matt Benneth
  • Girl As TBA


Ally introduces Her Pet bird Owen & and her cousin Brian , while Trish & Ally are at sonic boom upstairs with Owen , Austin , Brian & Dez are at the cinema watching a very cool movie , Brian was trying to steal Austin away from Dez , meanwhile Trish and Ally was feeding Owen with a few popcorns , Brian has done many bad things to Dez , at the End Austin finds out that Brian was stealing him away from Dez , Ally punished Brian for what he Did


  • This is Brian's Only Appearance
  • This is Owen's first Appearance , he will come back for 2 more episodes , then bye bye Owen
  • This Episode is the Parody of Icarly's Episode : iReunite With Missy

Scene 1Edit

Owen : (whistling) I like popcorn (whistling)

Dez : Didn't know you have a pet bird , ally

Ally : Yeah , isn't he adorable

Dez : Yeah , pretty Much

Dez : (Petting Owen)

Austin : Hey , Guys

Austin : (Kissing Ally)

Austin & Dez : (touching hands together)

Austin and Dez : What up

Austin and Dez : (Hugging Each Other)

Ally : Owen, this is my boyfriend Austin , Austin this is my pet bird : Owen

Owen : (whistling) hi , ally has told me all about you ...........Austin (whistling)

Austin : (Laughs) he's kinda cool ......... and cute.

Ally : (Laughs) he is

(Trish Appears)

Trish : Guess who has a job at the ____________

Owen : who is that ?

Ally : That's my friend , Trish

Trish : and who is that ?

Ally : That's my Pet bird

Trish : you didn't told me you gotta pet

Ally : I just bought him yesterday , I bought him cause he's cute

Trish : (Petting Owen)

Owen : (Bitting Trish)

Trish : AAAAAAAAAAAAW you dumb bird

Ally : (gets mad) don't you dare talk to Owen Like that

(Brian comes in)

Brian : hi guys

Ally : (Runs and screams:) BRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Austin : Ally , who's that ?

Ally : Guys , this is my cousin Brian , Brian , this is my boyfriend Austin and my 2 friends Trish and Dez

Brian : hi , Guys

Brian : hey man , I love your song

Austin : aaaaaaaaaaaw glad you like it , man

Brian : hey Austin , wanna come see a cool move ? , it's starting today

Austin : sure , can my friend Dez come too ?

Brian : Sure

Austin : Alright , Let's go

Dez , Austin & Brian : (running outside)

Ally : (Grabbing Owen's cage) Trish wanna come help me feed Owen some popcorn upstairs ? , I think he's hungrey.

Owen : (whistling) Hungrey (whistling)

Trish : Sure

Ally & Trish : (Running upstairs with Owen)


Austin & Dez : whooooooooooooooooooooow

Austin : This Movie is so cool

Dez : Yeah

(Brian's soda cup falls on Dez)


Austin : (Screaming) DEZ , ARE YOU ALRIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????

women : sssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Women : (making angry face at Austin)


Austin : sh sh sh sh sh , just relax buddy

Austin : (taking ices out of Dez)

Brian : (Helping)

Austin : (picking up his backpack) I might have some spare jeans/pants for you to wear

Austin : (giving Dez his backpack) go to the guys room take off your pants and probably your underwear , dry yourself with paper towel and wear one of my spare pants/jeans.

Dez : No underwear or boxer ?

Austin : Sorry Buddy : Only Pants /Jeans

Dez : aaaaaaaaaaaaaw

Dez : (Running to be men's room)

Brian : I'm sorry , I didn't mean to spilt soda on your friend

Austin : it's okay : accidents happened

Scene 3Edit

Ally : (Feeding Owen)

Trish :( Helping)

Owen : (whistling)

Ally : Alright , i think he's full

Owen : (whistling) full (whistling)

Ally : hope the boys are okay

Owen : (Whistling) I'm sure their fine (Whistling)

Ally : (laughs & Petting Owen)

Scene 4Edit

Dez : I'm back

Austin : waw , you look great , Dez

Dez : Thanks

Dez : (going to his seat)

Austin : Dez , Brian wants to apologize for what he did to you

Brian : Yeah , it was an accidente , sorry man

Dez : it's ok , Accidents Happened

Austin : what did you do to your own Pants ?

Dez : i put it in your backpack

Austin : WHAT!!!!????? , DEZ YOU WEREN'T SUPPOST TO DO THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!! , Huh , now what I'm suppost to wear when something happens huh , thanks a lot Dez.

Brian : you know , you were suppost to tell him before he left and change

Austin : youre right

Dez : when something happens just take you jeans and boxer off and stay like that , easy

Austin : yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh , that's not gonna happend (shakes head)

Austin : gonna buy some popcorn for me , what do you want dez ?

Dez : i want nachos

Austin : you know what , I'm gonna buy nachos for me too instead.

Austin : what do you want Brian ?

Brian : i want nachos

Austin : well , guess it's nachos for all 3 of us

Austin : (go buys some nachos)

Scene 5Edit

customer : excuse me ma'am , how much is this ?

Ally : that's uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh $4.40

customer : i'll buy it

Ally : that will be $4.40 sir

customer : (giving ally money) here you go.

customer : (walking outside)

Ally : (Putting money in cash register)

Owen : (Whistling)

Owen : can you whistle ? (whistling)

Ally : yeah , I can whistle

Owen : then whistle

ally : maybe later

Owen : (Yells) WHISTLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ally : (Whistling)

Owen : Good Job

Ally : uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh thanks

Scene 6Edit

Austin : alright , (giving Dez) nachos for Dez , (Giving Brian) nachos for brian , and nachos for me

Dez : (diping nacho in cheese)

Dez : (eating nacho) hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ,really good nacho

Brian : (putting spice in nacho without Austin & Dez knowing)

(film sounding)

Austin & Dez : whooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooo

Dez : (picking up nacho & dipping)

Dez : (Eating Nacho)


Dez : (drinking soda)

Dez : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (taking deap breath)

Austin : Dez , are you okay

Dez : yeah I'm fine , and I told I don't like spice

Austin : I didn't buy you Spicy Cheese dip , I buy you normal cheese dip.

Austin : (Picking up Dez's nachos) sorry , buddy , i'll get you another one alright ?

Dez : Thanks , Pal

Austin : (Smiles at dez & go buy another cheese dip for him)

Dez : (looking down)

Dez : (picking up stick)

Dez : (Smelling dip)

Dez : huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh , that jerk

Dez : (Pointing finger at Brian) you did this , I'm telling Austin

Brian : that's right Dez , Austin is my best friend now.

Dez : huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh you no good friend stealer , me & Austin were best friends sins we wee like 7 .

(Austin Returns)

Austin : (giving dez nacho) here you go dez, no spice

Austin : (sitting down & eating his nacho)

Dez : (Whispering Austin in his ear) Austin , Ally's cousin Brian is Evil

Austin : no he's not , you're just stressed out cause 2 things happened to you

Dez :(Whispering Austin) No it's true , he spilt his soda on me on purpose & put spice on my cheese dip

Austin : don't be ridiculous

Dez : (whispering Austin) it's true

Dez : (giving Austin the stick)

Austin : what's this

Dez : a weapon , smell it

Austin : (sniffing the stick)

Austin : Smells , nothing

Dez : (Saying in his mind) nnooooooooooooooooooo that jerk wipe off the smell

Austin : Dez , you need to stop being rude to Brian , it was an accidente

Dez : (Gets mad) my friend doesn't believe me , and it's all your fault.

Dez : (Attacking Brian)


Austin :(Yells) DEZ,WHAT ARE YOU DOING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

Man : hey man , he did spilt soda on your friend on purpose

Austin : and how do you know ? , you were sleeping

Man : I live sleeped .

Austin : Oh.

Austin : (Releasing Dez from Brian)

Austin : Dez , I'm sorry I didn't believe you

Dez : it's okey , Man

Austin & Dez : (Huggin each other)

Austin : now to teach brian a lesson

Austin : (Putting ice on Brian's Pants)


Austin & Dez : (sitting & continuing watching the Movie)

Dez : (whispers Austin) are you problaby gonna tell ally ?

Austin : (Whispering Dez) yep.

Scene 7Edit

Austin : were back

Ally : hi , I missed you

Austin : I missed you too

Austin & Ally : (Kissing)

Ally : so , how was the movie ?

Austin : It's was great

Trish : was it cool ?

Austin & Dez : Yeah , really cool

Owen : (Whistling) Welcome back , Austin & Dez (Whistling

Austin : Thanks, Owen

Ally : so where's Brian

Austin : i'll explain it too you later

Ally : come one everyone , i'll close the shop and let's all go upstairs.

Ally : Trish , can you order an peperonni pizza for us ?

Owen : (whistling)

Ally : and go buy some seed & popcorn ?

Trish : No problem

(walks outside)

Ally : come on guys , Let's go

Austin & Dez : (Running upstairs)

Ally : (Grabbing Owen's cage & running upstairs)

  • The End*

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