“Pillows & Love”
Season 2, Episode 9
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July 27, 2012

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Pillows & Love is the 9th episode of Season 2 of the fanon Austin & Ally. In this episode, Austin and Ally develop crushes on each other. Meanwhile, Trish gets a job at the Pillow Store and can't perform her job right. Also, Ally is upset because she found out Dallas is moving to Ohio because his dad got a promotion which leads to Dallas' family having to move out-of-state.


Trish gets a job at the Pillow Store. Austin Moon has a secret crush on Ally Dawson, and tells Dez about it. Ally has a secret crush on Austin, and tells Trish about it. Meanwhile, Ally is upset because Dallas is moving to Ohio due to his dad getting a promotion(he's an architect).

Songs featured: You Make Me Smile

Scene 1Edit

The scene starts at Sonic Boom. Trish comes in the store saying, "Guess who got a job at the Pillow Store?". Ally is in her practice room coming up with some new lyrics for a new song. Austin starts to look for Ally because she left her phone at his house and he wanted to give it back to her. Ally starts to look everywhere for her phone because she just realized she lost it. Austin comes in out of breath and found Ally in her practice room. Ally asks Austin if he found her phone and Austin hands it to her. Ally hugged Austin and Austin starts to have a crush on her but he doesn't wanna show it in front of her. Ally shows her new song for Austin, but he doesn't like it because it had something to do with love because he has a crush on her and it's a secret, so Ally tries to come up with a different idea. She finally came up with one after 30 minutes. She plays it and Austin liked it because it was fit for him and it is a fun song.

Scene 2Edit

This scene takes place at the Pillow Store. Trish tries to work the cotton machine but struggles. So, she calls Dez and asks him to drive over to the Pillow Store and work the cotton machine. Trish accidentally gives the dirty, smelly, and dusty pillows to customers at the store. Dez comes over and works the cotton machine for Trish. Trish fights with Dez over who sells the pillows. Dez thinks he should do it because he is too lazy to do the cotton machine for Trish, but he doesn't know that she can't work the cotton machine and sell them to customers because she doesn't know how to work the machine and it's too much work. Trish thinks she should do it because it's not much work and she should have something to do while Dez works the cotton machine. The customers start complaining about buying the dirty, disgusting, and smelly pillows, so they start complaining to Trish. They say that the pillows were a total ripoff because every pillow costs $10. Trish doesn't care and says that she can't control the dirty pillows. She gives them advice that if they don't like the pillows, don't use them. The customers throw the dirty pillows at Trish, causing dust to fly near Trish and Dez. They start coughing and they don't know what to do now since there's no customers. Trish says that she can lower the prices on the menu to attract customers. She changes the price(by permanent marker) from $10 to $1. Dez tells Trish that it's against the law to change prices without permission. Trish says that nobody will notice. Suddenly, charging customers come in demanding for 2 pillows each. Trish throws the pillows and says that every pillow is 1 dollar each. They are suspicious and they try to find out what's going on. They think they should mind their own businesses and they leave the store.

Scene 3Edit

This scene takes place at Sonic Boom. Dez is back from the Pillow Store. Austin runs over to Dez and he expresses his feelings about Ally. Dez swears that he will keep it a secret and not say anything to Ally. Ally now has a crush on Austin because of all the things he's done for her. He gave Ally her phone back and he gave his opinion on her new song. Ally has to run over to the Pillow Store to find Trish and express her feelings about Austin. Trish swears to keep it a secret and not say anything in front of Austin. Ally enlists Dez to help her make a video showing that she has a crush on Austin. Trish reminds Ally that her crush on Austin is a secret. Ally realizes what Trish said and she enlists Dez and Trish to help her make a video with a secret message that she is happy of what Austin has done for her and not say anything in the video about her crush on Austin.

Scene 4Edit

This scene takes place at Dallas' house. Dallas has something important to tell Ally. Ally approaches to him. Dallas has bad news: He has to leave Miami and move to Ohio because his dad got a promotion as an architect. Ally is now depressed because of the terrifying news about Dallas. Ally says that it's OK, and she's proud that Dallas' dad got a promotion, even though she says it upsetedly. Dallas starts to think that Ally is upset about his big move. Ally now wants to go out with Austin because he's the only other guy she has a crush on. So, Ally goes back to Sonic Boom to find her book and write down personal thoughts about her new crush on Austin and how she feels about Dallas moving. While she is writing, she sings a few lines to One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" so she can be calm around Trish, Dez, and Austin!

Scene 5Edit

This scene takes place at Sonic Boom. Ally starts to act weird around Austin. Austin is suspicious about Ally's behavior. He wants an explanation and Ally says that she's depressed because Dallas is moving to Ohio because of his dad's promotion. Austin feels sorry for her. Austin now starts to act weird around Ally. Ally is suspicious about Austin's behavior and she wants to know what's going on. Austin hesitates and keeps on acting weird around Ally. Ally thinks that he is nervous about her new songs, so she tries to think: her love song or Austin-approved song? She picks both because it's Austin's decision to pick. Dallas approaches Ally and tells her that if she is upset about him moving to Ohio, he will cancel it for one day for a first date. Ally says no, she says it's totally OK with her that Dallas has to move to Ohio, she'll be fine, she will move on and get over it. Trish and Dez run up to Ally because they finished the secret message video.  Then Austin Kisses Ally in Sonic Boom.  Ally Likes the kiss! She hugs Trish And Says: I knew we could be dating! I just know it.HEHE!

Scene 6Edit

This scene takes place in Ally's practice room. Dez is in there because he left his leftover pie from his family reunion(which happened a week ago). Austin comes in and wants to have a private conversation with Ally. Ally gets Dez to leave the room. Ally asks Austin why he was acting weird around her. Austin asks Ally why she was acting weird around him. Ally finally gives in then admits that she has a crush on Austin because Dallas was moving and Austin was the only other guy she has a crush on. Austin admits that he has a crush on her, too. Austin wants her to kiss him. Ally felt weird about this but kisses Austin anyway. Trish and Dez were spying on them during the whole conversation and Austin and Ally didn't even know. Trish and Dez both say "Awwww!", Austin and Ally were surprised that they fell out of their stools. Ally wanted to know what happened about Trish's job at the Pillow Store. Trish says that she got fired because she couldn't handle the cotton machine. Trish told everyone that she booked Austin a gig at the Welsh Concertation Centre tonight. Ally is impressed about this because she has been dying to see Austin perform there. Trish also says that she got a job at the Jewelry Shop.

Scene 7Edit

This scene takes place at the Welsh Concertation Centre. Austin tells Ally that he will sing the love song Ally wrote. Ally smiles. Austin sings the song "You Make Me Smile" for 1 minute and 10 seconds. He dedicates the song to Ally because she worked hard on the song and she didn't want it all thrown away. Ally smiled and blushed. Trish says that she got fired from the Jewelry Shop due to lack of showing up for work. Ally and Dez nodded and agreed with Trish. Dez says that he has a 10-pound meatloaf in his backpack that he is sharing. Ally and Trish both don't wanna share the meatloaf, and the episode ends. Hope everyone likes this episode!

Trivia ==

  • The Pillow Store is actually called "The Pillow Factory" when it was shown.
  • This is the first episode that Austin and Ally kiss.
  • This is the first episode that Austin and Ally express their feelings in.
  • This is the first episode that Austin and Ally develop crushes on each other.
  • Around the tenth time that Austin and Ally hug.
  • This episode airs on a special night.
  • ally sings a one diriection song for the first time