Pine Hollow






Elizabeth Regnery, Max Regnery


Daylesford, Victoria, Australia

Number of locations


Known Workers

Elizabeth Regnery, Max Regnery, Jack, Dorothee

Known Riders

Austin, Ally, Dez, Trish, Dallas, Cassidy, Stevie, Carole, Lisa, Veronica, Kristi, Desi, Simon, Andrea, Phil, Murray, Jack, Megan, Dorothee, Scooter, Nikki, Ashley, Melanie, Fimble, Nelson

Known Clubs

The Saddle Club, Veronica & Kristi's Girls Club

Pine Hollow is a horse riding school. It's also a place where the gang can have conversations, chat, and sing.  


  • Some people at Pine Hollow are somewhat childish
  • There's about 3 rooms and one big hotel.
  • Veronica tried to kill Stevie and her horse in the pilot episode of The Saddle Club with a her pager and now they added a golden rule about doing that
  • This horse riding school was founded when Max was in his late teens.
  • They're are about possibly 342, 560 horse riding schools on the globe in real life.


  • No cheating in competitions
  • No profanity, mean things, or violence (Veronica doesn't follow this rule)
  • No treating horses badly
  • You can only do stuff Max tells you/You must ask Max for stuff or what to do
  • No trying to injure horses and riders with pagers (golden rule)
  • No lying
  • Get training if you do not know how to ride a horse
  • No inappropiate horse rider clothing.


Beginner - Fimble, Nelson

Easy - Melanie, Ashley, Trish, Deborah

Intermediate - Austin, Lisa, Dez, Desi, Kristi, Simon, Phil, Megan

Advanced - Andrea, Carole, Veronica, Stevie, Ally, Dallas

Expert - Cassidy, Jack, Max

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