is the 7 episode of season 5 and the 77 overall episode.


While Dez is in HollyWood for a week the gang gets bored with out him so they try to find someone to replace Dez till he gets back.  When Dez returns he notices a new guy has replaced him.  Without the gang seeing him he tries to find a new group of friends.  Ally is having trouble with cash register at Sonic Boom so she tries to figure out what's the matter with it.


Calum Worthy as Dez 

Ross Lynch as Austin Moon

Laura Marano as Ally Dawson

Raini Rodregiuez as Trish De La Rosa

Joey Bragg as Josh/ Dez's Replacment

Scene 1:Edit

Dez: Guys guess what a director wants to meet him in HollyWood this week so I'am going to be gone.

Austin: That's amazing Dez!

Ally: Congragulations!

Trish: So Dez when do you leave?

Dez: Uh i think 5 minutes so i should better get going oh shoot i need to go get by bags.

Trish: I already have your bags ( Throws them at Dez)  See you next month right?

Dez: Next week.

Trish:Are you sure?

(Theme song)

Scene 2 :Edit

Austin: Ugh! I'am so bored with Dez gone!

Ally: Me To!

Trish: I know this is the longest i have not made fun of him.

Austin: Okay i know i should'nt say this but we need a replacement till Dez comes back.

Ally: Austin! Are you kiding me he's your best friend you can't do that to him.  If he sees his replacment he's going to freak out.

Trish: But Ally you do have to admit Austin does have a point.  Austin can hang out with him you could help him with his homework and i could make fun of him.

Austin: Hands in ( Austin & Trish put hands in middle of circle) Ally?

Ally: (Puts her hand in with hesitation) Fine! But if he finds out i'm blaming you.

Austin: I can take that chance.

Trish: But you can really tell him if you want for me Ally.

Austin: Wait! I just remembered there's that new kid like Dez, Uh i think his name is Josh.

Ally: Oh yeah i've heard of that kid.

Trish: As long if i can make fun of him that's fine with me.

Austin: I'll go find him. (10 minutes later Austin returns with Josh.) Josh this is Ally and Trish.

Josh: Nice to meet you i brought a ham.

Ally: I thought that was Dez's thing.

Josh: Not anymore!

Rest Of Scene 2 and 3 coming Soon Please don't edit until finished!Edit

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