Love Letters and Pop Star is the first episode of Rockstar Chronicles. This episode shows Austin breaking up with Ally and falls in love with Ronnie Ramone's new pop star who is actually Dez's half sister.

Plot Edit

At the Sonic Boom, Ally was disappointed about Ronnie Ramone deleting Ally off of his record deal.

Austin and Dez were standing in front of the door and hears Ally sobbing.

Austin opened the door, He was telling Ally that Ronnie isn't the guy to work for.

Ally grew mad. And told Austin that they will never be partners ever again.

Austin was worried, Dez escorted Austin home.

Will Team Austin reunited?

Quotes Edit

Ally, Don't be serious. Ronnie isn't the one you were signed with -Austin
We are not partners anymore! Get out of Sonic Boom! -Ally

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