Season 1 of Austin & Ally will consist of 18 episodes (last is two-part). It is focused on Austin's beggining of carrer and on his and Ally's secret fellings for eachother which are revaleted in episode 6. In episode 7 it is revaleted that Ally has stage fright. Austin and Ally kiss in episode 8, but decide to stay friends. Episode 13 will have special guest star Austin Mahone as himself. Season 1 began on 12th December 2013 and it will end on 26th May 2014.


Laura Marano as Ally Dawson

Ross Lynch as Austin Moon

Raini Rodrigez as Trish De La Rosa

Calum Worthy as Dez



1/ 1 / Fresh Starts & Friendships   /12/12/13  /101

Ally helps Austin on his way to stardom and become friends.

2/ 2/ Getting To Know Eachother & Garages  / 12/21/13   /102

The gang tries to get to know each other a bit more but Austin and Ally get stuck in the garage.

3/ 3/ Performances & Prizes  / 12/26/13/ 103

Austin and Ally need to finish songs before the festival. Meanwhile Trish gets Dez to work as her.

4/ 4/ Best Friends & Big Fans  / 1/1/14/ 104

A girl named Lily comes to Sonic Boom and acts as if Austin is her boyfriend, so later Ally finds out that Lily is just a big fan of his, and he should go on one date with her to make her dream comes true.

5/ 5/ Dentists & Dreams /1/2/14 /105

Austin broke his tooth and has to go to the dentist but he is scared of the dentist and tells the gang he wont go.

6/ 6/ Classes & Castles  / 1/6/14 / 107

Austin and Dez have a bad grade in math so they take some extra classes. Meanwhile, Ally and Trish find a castle.

7/ 7/ Voices & Volcanos / 1/19/14 / 108

Trish books Ally to perform with Austin but Ally has a stage fright. She doesn't want to upset her friends so she tries to find ways to backout of the performance.

8/ 8/ Leaders & Layers / 1/31/14 / 109

A guy asks Ally on a date and Ally can't wait for it but Austin gets jelous.

9/ 9/  Movies & Monsters / 2/16/14 / 110

Dez makes a movie with Trish as only actor so he makes audition to get more actors.

10/ 10/ Personalities & People/ 2/tba/14 / Tba

Austin decides to change his personality.

11/ 11/ Directors & Disasters/ 3/tba/14 / Tba

Dez gets amazing chance to direct famous movie so he has to quit Team Austin while he is directing that.

12/ 12/ Dreams & Dangers / 3/tba/14 / Tba

Austin and Ally have a fight.

13/ 13/ Songs & Superstars / 3/tba/14 / Tba

Austin Mahone is coming to town and the gang tries to hangout with him.

14/ 14/ Inventors & Inventions / 3/tba/14/ Tba

Note: This is Time-Traveling special. This episode supposed to air in Season 2, but it was moved to Season 1.

15/ 15/ Birthdays & Boxes / 4/tba/14/ Tba

It is Ally's birthday and the gang tries to throw her suprise party.

Note: This episode supposed to air in Season 2, but it was moved to Season 1.

16/ 16/ Fake Names & Fights / 4/tba/14 106

Note: This episode is already written and that is the reason why production code is 106.

17/ 17/  Changes & Couples Part 1 / 4/tba/14 / 117-1


18/ 18 / Changes & Couples Part 2 / 5/26/14 / 117-2


Note: This is Season 1 Finale.

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