Season 2 will be more focused on Auslly (Au/stin and A/lly) and their problems in relathionship. It will have special Hallowen episode and special crossover with A.N.T. Farm. Season 2 will have new recuring characters - Maddie - Ally's biggest enemy ; Roxy - Austin's girlfriend. It is possible that it will have special episode with R5 (R4 in the show) as guest star. It will probably begin in end of July or beggining of August.


Ross Lynch as Austin Moon

Laura Marano as Ally Dawson

Raini Rodrigez as Trish De La Rosa

Calum Worthy as Dez



1/ 19/ Relationships & Real Problems / Tba / 201

Note: This is continuation of Changes & Couples and last episode of first Auslly Arc.

2/ 20/ Record Deals & Rings / Tba/ Tba


3/ 21/ Syblings & Sisters / Tba/ Tba

The gang goes to visit Austin's sister.

4/ 22/ Projects & Partners / Tba/ Tba

Austin and Ally do their school project together.

5/ 23/ Enemies & Eggs / Tba/ Tba

Ally's biggest enemy starts dating Dez.

6/ 24/ Jelaousy & Jerks / Tba/ Tba

Ally tries to flirt with boys. Meanwhile, Trish and Dez get bullied.

7/ 25/ Choices & Chances /Tba / Tba

Band R4 invite Austin to join the band.

8/ 26 / Horror Movies & Halloween Monsters / Tba /Tba

Note: This is a Halloween special.

9/ 27/ Parties & Parents / Tba/ Tba

Austin throws a party in his house while his parents are not at home.

10/ 28/ Challenges & Champions/ Tba/ Tba

Austin faces off in a competition with a guy who thinks he's better than Austin Moon

11/ 29/ StudANTs & TalANTs / Tba/ Tba

This is a special crossover episode with A.N.T. Farm.

12/ 30/ Fears & Fans/ Tba / Tba

The gang tries to help Ally overcome her stage fright.

13/ 31/ Shows & Santas / Tba/ Tba

Note: This is a Christmas special and last episode to air in 2014.

14/ 32/ Crushes & Celibrities / Tba/Tba

Austin starts to date one girl to make her wishes come true but end up liking her.

15/ 33/ Memories & Mistletoes / Tba / Tba

Ally get amnesia.

16/ 34/ Break Ups & Break Downs /Tba/ Tba


17/ 35/ Dates & Dancing/ Tba/ Tba


Note: This will be end of second Auslly Arc.

18/ 36/ Returns & Revenges/ Tba/ Tba

Ally's enemy comes back to get her revenge.

19/ 37/ New L0ves & N0 M0re L0ves/ Tba / Tba

While Austin and Ally date Austin's old girlfriend comes into town.

20/38/ Diffrent lives & Decisions/ Tba/ Tba

Austin questions himself if the pop star life is really for him.

Note: This is Season 2 Finale.

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